Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wierdo Wednesday- Pythagoras

As it's Gay Pride month, all characters on weirdo wednesday will be somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Secondly if you even go near this blog sometimes, you'll know this place is so pro-atlantis I am drawing triangles over everything I know.

 (yes that one, well sorta in a fantasy place, who rooms with Hercules, don't question it just roll with it)
Where is he from?:
Atlantis (IMDB)
Who Played him (too soon)?:
Robert Emms
 (amazing guy, this guys gonna win awards one day and i'm gonna be like look at my silly ginger child with his triangles)
Why is he amazing?:
Well he's an incredibly intelligent man who lives with Hercules. Manages to keep incredible composure when Jason (Jack Donnelly) lands on him (look at this man
Also has an amazingly well handled romantic Storyline with Icarus (Joseph Timms also stunning seriously this guy has all the luck).
(If you care please look up and support the SAVE ATLANTIS campaign, more well handled gay characters on Saturday night telly please)

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