Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Weirdo Wednesdays- Rose Pamphyle

So Rec it Wednesday was draining my very should so I decided to drop it for a bit and do som thing different- Wierdo Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will  feature a favourite character and we'll just have a little fun.

First thing first, I mean Wierdo in the kindest way possible. These are my favourite characters and i'm sharing them with you play nice and my first Wierdo is.....

Rose Pamphyle
Rose Pamphyle
Where is she from?:
French movie Populaire (IMDB)
Who Played her?:
Deborah Francois
Why is she amazing?:
She's a speed typing champion from a small town in France and a secretary. She  learns to type so quickly no one can believe it and she is super independent and brilliant.
By the way I have claimed her as a Dyspraxic so no one is taking that away from me.
All in all the best sorta character to have as the athlete in this peculiar and cute sports rom com.

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