Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tomorrowland- Cynics need not apply

There is something very sad about a culture that revels in ruining things. Something heartbreaking about how if a beautiful thing is said or done by someone with one flaw, thats it the beautiful thing is forgotten. That is something Tomorrowland avoids, it sees beautiful things, extraordinary things and it shows us them and it's also the reason Tomorrowland has been ripped apart.

In it we meet a young boy called Frank, who has built his own jet pack only when he takes it to the Worlds fair in the 60's is verbally ripped apart by David Nix (Hugh Laurie, perfect by the way as usual).  But in his moment of despair bumps into Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who takes him to a magical place where all inventions are loved and robots fix things. It's shiny and beautiful and perfect.

Years later we meet Casey (Brit Robinson) trying to stop NASA destroying one of their launch stations. She's caught by police and put on bail, when reunited with her possessions she finds a shiny pin. Thats where it all goes into magic mode and it is fantastic.

I'm going to stop the plot there because I want you to experience it yourself but it is really very good and really very watchable. But anyway the thing with this film is it was a massive gamble, like a seriously massive gamble. The last time Tomorrowland (the park and Walt's central idea) made it on screens well it wasn't particularly happy. In fact both versions of Walt's glorious future vision have been portrayed as scary and twisted. Firstly in Epic Mickey's Tomorrow City (all freaky and broken) and in Escape from Tomorrow where Walt's view is being turned into a creepy machine doing gosh knows what.

It was never going to be dark though with Brad Bird at the helm. Bird previously made two of my favourite animated features, The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, so it was never going to be anything but spectacular.

So I suppose finally I should sum this movie up and say if you should go see it or not and the answer is yes go see it but leave your cynical hat at home. I f you go in waiting for perfection you'll never get it. So don't go in expecting a fun movie that will make you wanna be creative and have fun. Also don't be that person that stops other people enjoying it or something, this is a film for the dreamers. This is a film for all those kids and all those girls not for cynics. So to finish i'm going to paraphrase Digby in Bottle Rocket and say "If you don't have enthusiasm who needs you?, i n Tomorrowland they certainly don't!

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