Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Grace and Frankie: not quite perfect but good

This is only a mini review.
Grace and Frankie is a great show not quite amazing but great. The sort of nice, homely but bittersweet comedy that things like Scrubs did nicely.  Anyway the storyline is pretty simple Grace and Frankie (Fonda and Tomlin) are preparing to hear that their husbands are retiring only to find out that for the last however many years the two men(Sheen and Robertson) have been together and now want to divorce the girls and get married themselves.
What makes it so watchable however is that the story is sidelined more for it to be a study in character. The story itself is relatively boring but the characters make it come alive. It's interesting to see the children (now all grown up) try to deal with this revelation but also interesting to see them not dealing with it. This is most evident with Sol and Frankie's adopted son Bud shouting that they are just sitting there eating cake with the dads and leaving out the mums, then sneaking into the girls home to leave them some cake.

I think the thing with it is we do see the men as selfish for leaving it so long and trying to take down everything around them but they are also really well represented. Especially in the episode with the stag do, that is hilarious and poignant.

So Grace and Frankie has a way to go but I don't think thats a bad thing at all. I think it could lead to something very good indeed.

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