Friday, 26 June 2015

Short Film Friday: Majorettes in Space

"Majorettes in Space" is a 1997 short film by David Fourier, a french film maker. It is both a documentary style and a short film that tells a heart rending and very true story whilst being typically french. Think of it like Amelie but with a political kick.  It one the BAFTA for best short film and hopefully thats enough to get you to watch it.

As usual full film is under the cut

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wierdo Wednesday- Justin Suarez

Justin Suarez
Where is he from?:
Ugly Betty (IMDB)
Who Plays him?:
Mark Indelicato
Why is he amazing?: 
Justin was probably my fave character on Ugly Betty. He was kind, smart and loved what he did. Nothing ever stopped that and thats a pretty cool trait to have. He also had some of the best character development, basically I just love him and this show was my teenage years.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day: A look at some of my fave onscreen dads

Decent Dads on screen are pretty darn tricky to find. In fact for this particular list I had to look around  because I noticed something most of the dads in TV are all awful (Mr Franklin from Franklin and Bash, John Winchester etc etc etc etc). So here are 5 vaguely non awful dads (and guardians). HAPPY FATHERS DAY

From: Scrubs
Played by: Donald Faison
Probably getting on this list for  becoming a dad during the series, lets face it Turk was already a fave. Only he definitely got better with age and when his daughter came along it was awesome. Also this moment

From: Easy A
Played by: Stanley Tucci
I just love Dads that are weirdly supportive. If I had room on this list George from Suburgatory would also be here but seeing as both Dill and George are pretty much the same character I thought I'd just include Dill.

Played by: Zach Braff
One day people will stop underestimating Zach Braff ok because I think he is supremely talented but thats not my point. In this movie Aidan (Braff) realises that his dream might just not work, he tutors his kids and puts himself through the ringer and the end is such a lovely payoff that he deserves to be here.

Played by: Jim Beaver
Whilst not the Winchester's real dad (there real dad is awful btw) Bobby is one of the best dads to them ever. He looks after them and loves them like there his own and that makes him incredibly important.  He is just amazing and what happens to him makes me cry.

From: Atlantis
Played by: Robert Lindsay
As we have already found out I just have a lot of feelings for Atlantis right now. Because Daedelus starts up as grumpy old bloke friend of Pythagoras but then slowly comes back to being a dad who missed his son and just loved company. I could cry right now. But anyway Daedalus's scene where he helps Icarus save his friends he condemned to save his dad is heartbreakingly brilliant.

So here we have it 5 non bad dads.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Short Film Friday: Teens like Phil

This weeks Short Film Friday is a far cry from the whimsy of Me: The Terrible. This is a hard hitting drama about gay teens. Whilst harrowing it certainly deserves watching. The use f radio as a device is also super interesting.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

the making of me in TV form

Today the 18th of June is Autistic Pride day. As someone with Dyspraxia which I have heard is on the spectrum and sometimes isn't which is confusing when you have your psych teacher* in front of the whole class diagnose you as autistic when your dyspraxic so who flipping knows what the hell is wrong with me, I don't!

So today I have decided to do a post about the two characters that have defined me not any real reason just because it seems like enough for now.

Firstly my Dyspraxic king: Dr John Dorian
photo credit: tumblr

John Dorian was what my young dyspraxic self viewed as just like me. He was kinda screwy just like me. He was clumsy, just like me. He tried super hard to fit in but kinda didn't just like me. He daydreamed all the time just like me and he was crap at reading social signals.  In short he was a smarter me and in my young mind proof that I could be clever too. Fast forward to now and to me he is Dyspraxic (or whatever the heck I am) and I will fight anyone ANYONE who tells me otherwise. ANYONE.

Who Everyone Saw me As: Sheldon Cooper the traitor

At the same time that in my head I was like girl J.D the whole of school had seen some other character in the way I acted. In the way I didn't like looking in peoples eyes, in the fact I liked my space and no one else could sit there to them I was Sheldon Cooper. That wasn't too bad I know that now but then it hit me like a bag of bricks. Sheldon is a joke version of me and all the others like me. We laugh when he's uncomfortable and it makes me wanna vomit. Because when people started calling me Sheldon I thought that was great, I thought it was nice, I thought I finally belonged somewhere but instead they were calling me it because I was a joke to them. To make matters worse the writers have said they'd never make Sheldon Cooper actually autistic (or whatever the hell I am) because it would be too dark for a comedy show lets hope one day they learn to stick that idea up their backsides and smoke it because it really really upsets me.

you see these are the main two that ended up defining me you may realise both of them are guys but because media is crap there wasn't much else out there for me.

There are tons of other characters in this list. TONS both Sherlocks (RDJ and BC) (BC was a particular taunt at school that I was like a stupid Sherlock) (RDJ was so much cooler and more relatable. Loki when he smashed that glass in thor 2 and he was hiding behind a magic wall and beneath it the room was trashed and he was bleeding. Later on there was Tina Belcher and Abed Nadir and Will Graham but back then it was these two. Oh and lets not forget the year I wanted to be a pirate because I thought i'd fit in better on the black pearl.

So I wanted to round off with something about how media needs to change but I think that is fricking obvious from this post.

*really happened. She decided to do a load of real autism tests on us to show how autism tests work. I failed every single one when everyone else got it all right. We did some test called the Sally Anne thingy and everyone shouted out the "correct answer" and I gave the wrong one. In front of everyone. Yeah that was fun 10/10 would not recommend that total humiliation.
It pretty much was like this

 but hey it's cool because now i'm stuck in a constant thought loop of i failed those as well as being dyspraxia but the hell am I? if you have answers please god let me know

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Grace and Frankie: not quite perfect but good

This is only a mini review.
Grace and Frankie is a great show not quite amazing but great. The sort of nice, homely but bittersweet comedy that things like Scrubs did nicely.  Anyway the storyline is pretty simple Grace and Frankie (Fonda and Tomlin) are preparing to hear that their husbands are retiring only to find out that for the last however many years the two men(Sheen and Robertson) have been together and now want to divorce the girls and get married themselves.
What makes it so watchable however is that the story is sidelined more for it to be a study in character. The story itself is relatively boring but the characters make it come alive. It's interesting to see the children (now all grown up) try to deal with this revelation but also interesting to see them not dealing with it. This is most evident with Sol and Frankie's adopted son Bud shouting that they are just sitting there eating cake with the dads and leaving out the mums, then sneaking into the girls home to leave them some cake.

I think the thing with it is we do see the men as selfish for leaving it so long and trying to take down everything around them but they are also really well represented. Especially in the episode with the stag do, that is hilarious and poignant.

So Grace and Frankie has a way to go but I don't think thats a bad thing at all. I think it could lead to something very good indeed.

Weirdo Wednesday: Agent Denise Bryson

Denise Bryson
Where is she from?:
Twin Peaks (IMDB)
Who Plays her?:
David Duchovny
Why is she amazing?: 
She genuinely floored me when I watched the second series of Twin Peaks. She wasn't killed or treated any differently from the other characters (which is a low bar to put across but you'd be upset by how many shows don't climb over it) She's also completely no nonsense and like everyone realises Audrey Horne is awesome so you know she deserves to be here! Also I hope she makes a return in Twin Peaks season 3 I doubt it but theres hope right? RIGHT?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Short Film Friday: Me the Terrible

So this week a thrilling adventure in the form of a young pirate known as The Terrible in a fight against some brutal cyclists. Proper summer time fun. Show it to your kids. There is something very quirky and Wes Andersoney about it.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wierdo Wednesday- Pythagoras

As it's Gay Pride month, all characters on weirdo wednesday will be somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Secondly if you even go near this blog sometimes, you'll know this place is so pro-atlantis I am drawing triangles over everything I know.

 (yes that one, well sorta in a fantasy place, who rooms with Hercules, don't question it just roll with it)
Where is he from?:
Atlantis (IMDB)
Who Played him (too soon)?:
Robert Emms
 (amazing guy, this guys gonna win awards one day and i'm gonna be like look at my silly ginger child with his triangles)
Why is he amazing?:
Well he's an incredibly intelligent man who lives with Hercules. Manages to keep incredible composure when Jason (Jack Donnelly) lands on him (look at this man
Also has an amazingly well handled romantic Storyline with Icarus (Joseph Timms also stunning seriously this guy has all the luck).
(If you care please look up and support the SAVE ATLANTIS campaign, more well handled gay characters on Saturday night telly please)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Short Film Friday: Man on the Moon

Welcome back to Short Film Friday. It's been a while but hopefully it will be back for good! This weeks short is a heavily stylised  film set on the day of the moon landings. It's very fun, very funny and stars Nathan Fillion. Everything you could need.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Weirdo Wednesdays- Rose Pamphyle

So Rec it Wednesday was draining my very should so I decided to drop it for a bit and do som thing different- Wierdo Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will  feature a favourite character and we'll just have a little fun.

First thing first, I mean Wierdo in the kindest way possible. These are my favourite characters and i'm sharing them with you play nice and my first Wierdo is.....

Rose Pamphyle
Rose Pamphyle
Where is she from?:
French movie Populaire (IMDB)
Who Played her?:
Deborah Francois
Why is she amazing?:
She's a speed typing champion from a small town in France and a secretary. She  learns to type so quickly no one can believe it and she is super independent and brilliant.
By the way I have claimed her as a Dyspraxic so no one is taking that away from me.
All in all the best sorta character to have as the athlete in this peculiar and cute sports rom com.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tomorrowland- Cynics need not apply

There is something very sad about a culture that revels in ruining things. Something heartbreaking about how if a beautiful thing is said or done by someone with one flaw, thats it the beautiful thing is forgotten. That is something Tomorrowland avoids, it sees beautiful things, extraordinary things and it shows us them and it's also the reason Tomorrowland has been ripped apart.

In it we meet a young boy called Frank, who has built his own jet pack only when he takes it to the Worlds fair in the 60's is verbally ripped apart by David Nix (Hugh Laurie, perfect by the way as usual).  But in his moment of despair bumps into Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who takes him to a magical place where all inventions are loved and robots fix things. It's shiny and beautiful and perfect.

Years later we meet Casey (Brit Robinson) trying to stop NASA destroying one of their launch stations. She's caught by police and put on bail, when reunited with her possessions she finds a shiny pin. Thats where it all goes into magic mode and it is fantastic.

I'm going to stop the plot there because I want you to experience it yourself but it is really very good and really very watchable. But anyway the thing with this film is it was a massive gamble, like a seriously massive gamble. The last time Tomorrowland (the park and Walt's central idea) made it on screens well it wasn't particularly happy. In fact both versions of Walt's glorious future vision have been portrayed as scary and twisted. Firstly in Epic Mickey's Tomorrow City (all freaky and broken) and in Escape from Tomorrow where Walt's view is being turned into a creepy machine doing gosh knows what.

It was never going to be dark though with Brad Bird at the helm. Bird previously made two of my favourite animated features, The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, so it was never going to be anything but spectacular.

So I suppose finally I should sum this movie up and say if you should go see it or not and the answer is yes go see it but leave your cynical hat at home. I f you go in waiting for perfection you'll never get it. So don't go in expecting a fun movie that will make you wanna be creative and have fun. Also don't be that person that stops other people enjoying it or something, this is a film for the dreamers. This is a film for all those kids and all those girls not for cynics. So to finish i'm going to paraphrase Digby in Bottle Rocket and say "If you don't have enthusiasm who needs you?, i n Tomorrowland they certainly don't!