Friday, 15 May 2015

Wayward Pines: New Vague Lynchian Magic from an Unlikely Source

We've all heard of M.Night Shymalan right? He was good vaguely and then well that Avatar movie and After Earth happened! He's much maligned now and has scurried into television and surprisingly it works. Welcome to Wayward Pines, a show that looks like it could turn out to be the worthy successor to Twin Peak's crown.
We have Secret Agent Ethan Burke, who is in a nasty car accident. He wakes up in the middle of nowhere, treads his weary legs into a local coffee shop and passes out. Waking up in a strange hospital with a vaguely nasty nurse who tells him the doctor will turn up eventually. It's all very odd. In a very good way.

So I'm not going to spoil it for you at all because you deserve to watch this with a fresh eyes. It's getting a poundign from everyone because of Shymalan and frankly those people can sod right off. People turn new sheets have bad moments, maybe Shymalan is made for TV.

Wayward Pines is really quite something and in it's first episode it kept me captivated and entertained and incredibly intrigued. Listen you like Twin Peaks welcome in, if you like general weird come on in but if your here to talk crap about it without even seeing it, leave now it'll be better without you clogging up the place.

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