Sunday, 10 May 2015

Screen Splurge May: Beaver Falls

So I haven't  done one of these in forever, so my apologies. Secondly I will go back to posting all the time after my exam ok. I'm not gone just paused a bit.

Let's go on to my Screen Splurge (these will be monthly now btw)

Beaver Falls is sorta like the Inbetweeners (which I don't like), I hatless comedies they suck. However where this differed was the actually interesting storyline. Which included the young pretty one in the red shirt actually being ill, he has just been diagnosed with t Ametropic Lateral Scelrosis and has conned his friends into coming to America to escape that. What follows is a brilliantly funny and touching comedy that was cancelled after just two series.

Certainly worth tracking down.

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