Monday, 18 May 2015


Ok so firstly I have to say this movie is the bomb, like literally the best thing ever. I have always had a penchant for over the top explosions, revenge plots and badass ladies (hence why i forced myself to watch Sin City 2). However this movie isn't just like eating three of your favourite foods on a plate this is like eating your three favourite foods served in a delicious crepe handed to you by a gorgeous waiter who hands you his phone number but not the bill. Basically it's the best fever dream anyone has ever had.

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So plot wise in the bright shiny dystopian desert land, Max (Tom Hardy, in gruff mode) is a badass who after family members and a small girl were murdered lives eating two headed lizards. He is captured by an evil warlord's Warboys ( who as a concept are freaking heartbreaking) where he is given a new haircut and used as a blood bag for dying war boys. (the warboys are running on borrowed time and only have short half lives if they survive they go up the ranks but mainly they are sheltered creatures who believe that dying is the best fate they have and it will get them into valhalla, poor boys) Max is strung up to the lovely Nux (Nicholas Holt, perfect in every way who btw just preorder him and Immortal Joe's solo prequel comic) but after Furiosa (Charlize Theron) steals the breeding stock known as The Wives well it hits the fan.

Nux fights for his right to drive into battle by tying Max up as his blood bag up to show as a sign of how strong he is. Immortal Joe looks at him and Nux knows he is riding into Valhalla. So we are off on a  big gas guzzle adventure ad that the extent of the plot i'm going to give you because it gets even crazier from here.

Anyway the big question everyones mind is, is it feminist? YES oh yes it is. It excels at tat  and thats what makes it so absolutely great. The whole thing is like nothing i've ever seen before and its treatment of women is what makes it so great.

Also all the stunts minus I think two are all practical effects including guitar guy over there.  I mean it feels real, unlike other big destruction based blockbusters like Avengers. This feels like things are really going nuts, everyone is gross, the world is dead and everyone has awesome cars which I guess is a kinda great consolation prize.

Basically go see this movie, there will be nothing you've ever seen before like it. Nothing at all (except maybe the originals)

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