Sunday, 3 May 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron: Problematic but Brilliant Superhero comfort food

Ok, I have been building up to this one. I saw it the two days after it came out in the UK. It was a big deal as usual with superhero movies in my family the whole clan was there. Yes including grand parents who enjoyed it immensely but yeah let's head review this.

As usual for a marvel film it was chock full of excellent fights, brilliant effects and witty one liners that  are inevitably gonna block up twitter. Yeah yeah "Language","do you kiss your mother with that mouth" and Hawkeye's amazing talk to Scarlet witch are all beautifully written to make them as memorable as possible.
As i am not best place to talk about the problematic elements I have decided to link you to Fandoms and Feminism's post that explains it better than I ever could. HERE IT IS. The main problem is the whitewashing of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch which was gross frankly, WHY MARVEL WHY. There were some elements that definitely were gross too but as I have said above Fandoms and Feminism explains it better. 

Hover like all Marvel films it was supremely watchable and I will inevitably see the next one with the full family as per usual,. It;s just a shame that such a brilliant studio like Marvel that has listened to fans before decided to pollute a movie with this problematic crap.

I wanted to write more but honestly I can't. It's marvel's standard MO heres hoping it's onwards and upwards from the MCU.

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