Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Post Cult

What would it be like to leave everything for 15 years then come out in to the world again. Would it be scary? Would it be exciting? Would it be inherently whimsical? Well yes, if your life had Tina Fey involved.

After getting Netflix just yesterday, I decided after a quick splurge of Community and It's Always Sunny (what, I'm a sucker for those scumbags) that I should finally watch this especially after seeing all the bumf for it. (after this I'll try and watch more netflix only shows, I'm also watching House of Cards) and for a first episode it did not dissapoint.

As a rule I tend to find many comedy shows first episodes are often pilots and there fore are crap and not worth hence I was ready to take Kimmy with a pinch of salt. However I have to be honest the first one more than lives up to reputation.

Following Kimmy a young woman who has just been rescued from a apocalyptic cult. Jimmy goes out to take charge of her life and live in the big city of New York. So it's kinda like Curious George in that respect.

Some incredible people are in this most notable Mrs Gertrud Kappelput from Gotham (aka Carol Kane) as her new landlady.

For a first episode this is off to a good start. Thank You Tina Fey for not letting me down.

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