Saturday, 11 April 2015

Atlantis: A Fate worse than Death 5 point review

It's finally returned after the longest wait possible and BBC pulling out from behind it. It has hardly been advertised as BBC are finishing it. How low can you get BBC? you didn't even let them finish the series before you pulled the series. What a show of confidence you nasty people. First Ripper Street then In The Flesh, now this. People don't want new stuff they want continuations of beloved characters. But anyway on with the show.

1.  Ariadne and Jason are adorable

2. All the bald men are up to something

3. Oh Crap The Oracle died


5. well now its gonna get tense. or lets not let Jason die eh?

I can't be bothered to embellish it. But that was the episode really. It was a good one still wanna know what this is though

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