Saturday, 25 April 2015


We have a fantastic photo if the lovely Leto as the Joker. BEST DAY EVER

I personally can't wait till we have a clip because the Joker's motions and voice are almost more important to me than his look.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Woman in Gold- The monuments of compassion

Firstly I must apologise for my absence I have exams and coursework dates coming up so have been fixing my time on those endeavours rather than this blog. Normal service will resume shortly! Now I have to write a review of what is on course to be my favourite true life story film of the year. As you know I love true life films and biopics, they are a very good medium. Woman in Gold very much shows the best of what this genre has to offer.

Woman in Gold tells the very true story of Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), a elderly Jewish survivor of World War Two and her attempts to get back Klimt's famous painting "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I" a portrait of her beloved aunt. Altmann asks a friend of hers if her son, Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) would be willing to help her. What follows is a tense yet beautiful tale of strange friendships, horrific pasts and the promise of a better future.
The story is beautifully told, the script flows beautifully and the actors are astounding. The lead roles are played to perfection. The parts told in Austria during the occupation are harrowing and beautifully filmed. It's also lovely to see Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany (playing young Maria Altmann)  is a role such as this, she really is becoming the next Meryl Streep. The parts back to the Nazi's pillaging her belongings were truly horrific and as she is fleeing I swear I have never cried harder in my life.
What we have to remember is it's really not that long ago that these atrocities happened. In the film Maria Altmann after delivering a speech at a conference about getting stolen art returned is accosted by a man from Austria's government who told her that she was obsessed with the Holocaust and that she should move on. It's a truly hideous scene and shows the horrible intentions of the Austrian government to cover up their illegal possession of the painting of her beloved aunt.
Mirren's performance is nuanced and entrancing. Maria isn't just a power house visionary, she is an elderly woman simply trying to get one of her last remnants of family back. She gets tired and angry. She offers Randy cough drops and wipes the stains of his suit. But she is also  a very important part of history.

Woman in Gold is one of those very important films that tells a story, harrowing and true but so full of hope you can't help but get entranced.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


IT"S HAPPENING. Guys the second trailer has finally arrived and boy does it look beautiful. THANK YOU JJ ABRAMS. Just look at this NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED!!!!!

Full trailer under the cut

PRAISE HERA: Wonder Woman has lassoed Patty Jenkins as director

After Michelle Mc Laren leaving and Lexi Alexander publicly saying that she wouldn't go near the film with a barge pole, Wonder woman has got a new director in Patty Jenkins famous for 2003's Monster.
Patty has also directed an episode of Arrested Development so not only has shown promise with female fronted films but has amazing comic timing.



Saturday, 11 April 2015

Atlantis: A Fate worse than Death 5 point review

It's finally returned after the longest wait possible and BBC pulling out from behind it. It has hardly been advertised as BBC are finishing it. How low can you get BBC? you didn't even let them finish the series before you pulled the series. What a show of confidence you nasty people. First Ripper Street then In The Flesh, now this. People don't want new stuff they want continuations of beloved characters. But anyway on with the show.

1.  Ariadne and Jason are adorable

2. All the bald men are up to something

3. Oh Crap The Oracle died


5. well now its gonna get tense. or lets not let Jason die eh?

I can't be bothered to embellish it. But that was the episode really. It was a good one still wanna know what this is though

Short Film Friday (well saturday)- Burnt Grass

One sorry for the absence but I'll talk about that later in the post. Let's pretend it's not Saturday and enjoy our general Friday festivities. This weeks is Burnt Grass a fun indie sci-fi about replication.

so if you were wondering I have loads of stuff coming up. I'm trying to keep this going but it's kinda hard atm. Last week I was away but now it should be cool.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Post Cult

What would it be like to leave everything for 15 years then come out in to the world again. Would it be scary? Would it be exciting? Would it be inherently whimsical? Well yes, if your life had Tina Fey involved.

After getting Netflix just yesterday, I decided after a quick splurge of Community and It's Always Sunny (what, I'm a sucker for those scumbags) that I should finally watch this especially after seeing all the bumf for it. (after this I'll try and watch more netflix only shows, I'm also watching House of Cards) and for a first episode it did not dissapoint.

As a rule I tend to find many comedy shows first episodes are often pilots and there fore are crap and not worth hence I was ready to take Kimmy with a pinch of salt. However I have to be honest the first one more than lives up to reputation.

Following Kimmy a young woman who has just been rescued from a apocalyptic cult. Jimmy goes out to take charge of her life and live in the big city of New York. So it's kinda like Curious George in that respect.

Some incredible people are in this most notable Mrs Gertrud Kappelput from Gotham (aka Carol Kane) as her new landlady.

For a first episode this is off to a good start. Thank You Tina Fey for not letting me down.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Short Film Friday: The Pavement

Nothing says "Good Friday" like a 3 minute revenge noir with a voice over narration! Taylor Engel's incredible three minute piece is one of the most clever and visually intriguing pieces I have ever featured over on SFF. If  you are a fan of Rorshach's narration in Watchmen you will love this short.

As usual full film under the cut