Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stop "Uncle" I want "Wilfred" Back

For those who avoid rubbish  British comedy "Uncle" is the story of a man who acts like a child who has to look after  a child who acts like a middle aged man. Yeah yeah yeah, bored all ready. The first episode however was vaguely interesting, not funny but interesting.
Where aour main character played by the sometimes funny but mostly grating Nick Helm is going to kill himself only to be saved by his sister calling him and asking him to look after his nephew. Then it got bad and it got me thinking haven't we seen this all before. Yes, Yes we have in the massively under-rated Wilfred.
The more "Uncle" I watched I realised how much I just wanted more Wilfred. So I'll try and briefly explain the plot for you. "Wilfred" is the american version of Australia's Wilfred, unlike the Aussies one however it's bleak like proper bleak. Ryan is a lawyer who procures some pills from his nurse sister so he can kill himself, however she worried for bother her job and her brother gave him sugar pills. He stays up all night revising his suicide note, blends the pills into a smoothie and..has a massive sugar rush and is woken from this by a knock on the door. It's his neighbour with a dog for him to sit for a while only he doesn't see a dog. He see's a man in a dog suit. The best way to explain it is for you to watch the season 1 trailer.

Something about "Uncle" just feels (mainly the first episode) like "Wilfred" lite. It feels like they took all the consequences and bleak stuff and replaced it with dick jokes and I hate that. Ryan was pushed through the ringer, his family were shown to be through it too. His sister is going to have a baby, his mum is in a home for the mentally ill and his Dad is a lawyer and a coward.

One really good episode is when Ryan takes him hum from the home for a road trip without the Doctor's permission. Of course she starts having an episode and he can't take it and is forced to realise that his mum isn't well not that his dad just forced her to go there. It's truly harrowing stuff but with a brutal honesty and quirk that makes it funny as well.

Wilfred finished last year and completely swept away the competition. Please do yourself a favour and marathon all 4 seasons before you even go near the rubbishy BBC filtered version. I mean they don't even have a talking dog.

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