Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rec It Wednesday: Sing for me

So after watching Repo! The Genetic Opera far too many time this week (Chase the Morning just gets in your head ok, i had to scratch the itch) I decided quite quickly that this weeks was a musical theme. For those wondering, I have featured RHPS, here before and figured it will warrant an actual post rather than just another brief mention so It's not forgotten kids. I swear. Anyway on with the show. I just realised all of these are fun ones this week, so nothing to make you feel glum.

1. You fancy the cult classics
with evil plants

Little Shop of Horrors (1986, Frank Oz)
Without RHPS near by, this becomes the biggest classic on my list. This hilarious musical is one of the most ridiculous and excellent things out there. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

2. You fancy Disney's interpretation of
a very very well set musical (hahaha hair pun)

Hairspray (2007, Adam Shankman)
This zippy remake is alot zippier than the original. Nikki Blonsky is incredible in this and John Travolta's homage to Divine playing Tracy's mum is hilarious and brilliant. You'll be toe-tapping all the way through. Plus a good way to introduce children to the harsh realties of the time.

3. You fancy Matthew Broderick
singing whilst not ruining red cars

The Producers (2005, Susan Stroman)
Here at the dinosaurs we can be hushed into a stupor by two things Uma Thurman being fabulous and musicals. This combines the two. A story of two producers who try to make the biggest theatre flop in history they end up making a surprise hit. It becomes a ridiculous farce that is utterly hilarious. Also Blonde John Barrowman.

4. You fancy corny rock and more epic hair
plus Tom Cruise as rockstar

Rock of Ages (2012, Adam Shankman)
I only just realised it but Shankman is on this list twice! Oh well Rock of Ages is totally worth a watch. Also some LGBTQ representation that came out of nowhere. It's great love this movie 100000stars.

5. You fancy a laid-back classic 
with Meryl I can do everything Streep

Mamma Mia! (2008, Phyllidia Lloyd)
If it wasn't on here I'd be lying to myself.

Anyway so here we go five peppy musicals ENJOY.

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