Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Rec It Wednesday: Best Friend Movie Extravaganza

So when I run out of ideas as I have recently and family crap drops like hell I end up going to Helly Spinelli todays is fricking odd so, sorry.  Anyway todays theme was "Make Me Laugh" and it was suggested by tumblr user Spoopyhime only I changed into our perfect movie night because I miss her muchly. If you know this individual you would know she is a complete and utter cornflake and I love her to pieces so without further a do. So I just imagined me and her were having a massive movie marathon and i had to pick stuff that wasn't her usual octopus wierdness.

1. You fancy a film that enable  the best photo of Meryl steep ever
look at it stare at it love it

Julie and Julia (2009, Nora Ephron)
I know she is gonna laugh for seven days at this screenshot. It's so tricking perfect and fantastic and I just cannot with it. The film is amazing as well but lets face it right now the film plays second fiddle to this image. Meryl really can play any role.

2. You fancy a amazing version of the stoner comedy
that isn't just gross and rubbish

Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies (2004, Danny Leiner)
Back when I was young I loved me some stoner comedy I still do however most of them have gross element and get ruined by just irritating disgusting behaviour. This one actually subverts that without coming across as dull. It's a clever little thing plus Neil Patrick Harris's appearance ensure she will love it.

3.  You fancy the biggest vampire no homo ever
plus seriously this whole movie is excellent

Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994, Neil Jordan)
This movie is stunning, beautiful and really good. It also chickens out of having you know actual canon queer characters (in the books they very very bi)  and instead has loads of leaning in and pulling back suddenly and long lingering stares. Kinda hilarious plus this movie is costume porn.

4. You fancy the quintessential fashion comedy
yeah yeah I know

Zoolander (2001, Ben Stiller)
So one I love this movie. I love random trash plus Owen Wilson is kinda great. Plus I know she will giggle till she explodes and that is hilarious. Also it's kinda short so we won't get bored if it turns out it was only gunny in my head and if it is genuinely funny I can make her see the sequel with me when it comes out soon.

5. You fancy The cult comedy
that is so funny I will feature this whoever possible

The Big Lebowski (1999, Joel & Ethan Coen)
Another epic screenshot! Anyway this film is just the best film so no expecptions even though Hell wasn't too keen on Reservoir Dogs I think she'll find more to love in this classic. So many quotes.

So what do you guys think is my best friend cooler than yours?

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