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So here it is the final part of my International Women's day celebrations (I lie they will continue through the week) but anyway. This time real awesome women in film (not tv far too much research) not all are in their own films but anyway on with the show!!! Ok clarification wise these are Biopics not documentaries.

Frida (2002, Julie Taymor)
Who is it about? Frida Kahlo
Who plays her? Salma Hayek
Who was she?: She was a disabled queer artist who was a political activist.
Why watch? This film shows her very well and is a really good introduction to her. Hayek plays it perfectly.
Child Friendly: Not really, it's a 15

Miss Potter(2006, Chris Noonan)
Who is it about: Beatrix Potter
Who Plays her? Renee Zellweger
Who Was She? Prolific author of childrens books and fierce protector of green spaces.
Why Watch? Miss Potter shows just how awesome ol' Beatrix was. Refusing to marry into society having her books published and making sure they were available for all. 
Child Friendly: Yes this is for all ages.

Julie and Julia (2010, Nora Ephron)
Who is it about? Julia Child and Julie Powell
Who Played them? Meryl Streep and Amy Addams
Who were They: Child was a famous chef who was the only woman in her french cooking school, became the most watched tv chef of all time, revolutionsed american cooking and a pioneer of closed captioning.
Powell is a blogger who one day decided to cook through all the recipes in Child's most famous cook book and then compiled her story.
Why Watch: This heartwarming tale shows two extraordinary women in two different times do something great. It's a brilliant watch
 Child Friendly: Yeah I think so, maybe a few swears but nothing too ghoulish

Mulan (1998, Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook)
Who? Hua Mulan
Who Played her? Ming Na Wen
Who was she? A Legendary warrior woman from ancient China
Why Watch? Whilst this version is not completely true this version will delight every one in the family and get them interested in her story.
Child Friendly? Yes

Marie Antoinette (2006, Sophia Coppolla)
Who? Marie Antoinette
Who Played her? Kristen Dunst
Who was she? A child princess forced to marry and become queen of France, She takes over the court and becomes one of the mos notorious aristocrats of all time before the revolution when she was beheaded.
Why Watch? It's the beautiful and fascinating story of Marie Antoinette and its also very thought provoking.
Child Friendly: Yeah mainly

OTHERS (a list of films I have yet to watch but have heard are good)
Wild (2014)
Gulaab Gang
Big Eyes
Soul Surfer
The Queen

Here is a good list of other biopics about women more here (of which there are few)
Here is a link to the twitter tag #FilmHerStory to look at badass women that deserve biopics

So there we go thats my International Women's Day celebrations complete! Hope you enjoyed it, Comment down below!

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