Saturday, 28 March 2015

Home: A familiar yet fabulous familial tale

I love a good animated film and I love a good sci fi film. I also love adventure films and unlikely duos, so imagine my happiness to find Dreamworks is making a film that covers all of that. Now I was initially hesitant because it doesn't always work plus Dreamworks has already made a film with invasions and aliens and stuff (one of my favourites Monsters Vs Aliens) so how could they possibly improve?
Home is the story of two very very unlikely friends. The first is "Oh" (played beautifully by Jim Parsons) a Boov whose race has just overturned earth however is excluded by every other Boov and is universally despised. The other is "Gratuity Tucci" better known as "Tip"a young girl who during the invasion (where all humans were re-disributed to Smek's human fun land) lost her mother. She is searching to find her and Oh is looking to escape from his persecutors.

After modifying Tips' mums car into The Slushilicious (a flying car powered by service station food and Boove tech) the two go on a adventure for 3. reasons. 1. stop Oh's email from getting to the evil Gorg 2. (a sub centre of 1) get to the eiffel tower and 3. find Tip's mum. Whilst it's pretty simple plot wise it never really gets dull. It's a really fun idea and works really well. Especially the eiffel tower scene which is on par with a similar scene in " A Monster in Paris" to which this film is really comparable to.

Tip was really incredible. The best animated badass little girl character since well Merida in "Brave". She holds her own really well and certainly isn't overshadowed in the plot and most importantly she gets upset, she has a cry. she doesn't adapt to her new situation naturally, its hard. Thats incredibly important. There is also the fact that its lovely to see some representation with a little girl of colour on the screen. (especially after the awful "Annie" reboot which whilst Wallis was good in it the rest was shoddy at best) Thank You Rhianna.
So to sum up this was a great kids film. It was fun, lovely and charming without being too cheesy. Dreamworls may be known for equal amounts of flops such as (every shrek spin off and sequel, that will smith fish thing, Peabody and Sherman) but it also has a ton of hits (Road to El Dorado, How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Megamind, Monster vs Aliens, Shrek, Rise of the Guardians) and now Home.

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