Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day: A celebration of the best Mums

So here in England our Mothers day is the 15th of March as opposed to Americas. So I thought today lets have a celebration and celebrate all mums with a few of my fave screen mums. Theses aren't all of them just 5 I could think of this morning.

The Wizarding Mum who Cares for Everyone
Who? Molly Weasley
Who Played her? Julie Walters
Where can I find Her? In the Harry Potter Franchise
Why is she a great mum? Well she adopts Harry, loves all her kids equally. Fights and kills Bellatrix to save 'em and knits hideous jumpers.

The Cool and Non Conforming Mum
Who? Dallas Royce
Who Played Her? Cheryl Hines
Where Can I Find Her? TV's Suburgatory (I covered this show HERE)
Why is she a great mum? She helps her child (Dalia) pursue her Dream career, Helps everyone. Is openly bisexual in a converstaive town and still head of the PTA and supports her bisexual daughter.

The Harsh but Fair Mum
Who? Francine Jones
Who Played Her? Adjoa Andoh
Where Can I Find Her? Doctor Who
Why is she a great mum? She took a lot of time to warm to time travel but was supportive of Martha's decision and helped her keep her feet firmly on the ground whilst standing up to the doctor when he threatened to put her family in danger.

The Excellent, Caring and Zany Mum
Who? Linda Belcher
Who Played Her? John Roberts
Where Can I Find Her? Bob's Burgers
Why is she a great mum? She's hilarious and looks after everyone. She's not opposed to speaking her mind and she is just the best.

The Mum We All Wanted
Who? Mortician Addams
Who Played Her? Angelica Houstan
Where Can I Find Her? The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values
Why is She A Great Mum? She just is.

So there we go, my fave tv and movie mums.

All of them are worthy of saying this

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