Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy International Women's Day: P 1 TV Celebration

If you didn't know the 8th of March is International Women's Day. If you didn't already know Emma Watson is doing a lifestream event that you can RSVP too HERE. Any who I thought in honour of this prestigious day we should do a round-up of some fantabulous female characters from the big and small screen that deserve your love and respect. Lets start with TV.


1. Badass female detective from a lovely little island
D.S Camille Borday played by Sara Martins
From BBC's Death in Paradise

2.The amazing Inmate
Sophia Burset played by Laverne Cox
From Netflix's Orange is the New Black

3. The Lovable Lesbian Nerd
Charlie Bradbury played by Felicia Day
From The CW's Supernatural

4. The Kids Show Were-girl
Maddy Smith as played by Aimee Kelly
From CBBC's Wolfbood

5. The Companion turned Bonafide Alien Stopper
Sarah Jane Smith as played by Elizabeth Sladen
From BBC's Doctor Who and CBBC's Sarah Jane Smith Adventures

So later on there will be Movies featured on here but for now ENJOY TODAY LADIES WE DESERVE IT

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