Thursday, 5 March 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Diabolo Cody is gonna rewrite "Barbie"

File this under "WTF" because this has to be the weirdest news of the week. Diabolo Cody of "Jennifers Body" and "Juno" is going to be performing rewrites on the live action Barbie movie script.
So...ok this is a weird little bit of jiggery pokery. What is Cody doing there?

However I have tried to collect myself. Here are some two collected thoughts.

1. If it needed rewrites...hmmm ALARM BELL NOISES
There may be some very significant problems that even Cody can't fix. However as a plus Cody is a good writer with a skill for excellently quirky dialogue.
case in point

2.  This might actually be ok.

Right here me out remember how everyone thought Lego Movie would suck then it turned out to be well...AWESOME. Yeah surprise to me too! Well I reckon The Barbie Movie may have a shot at that, I know lightening doesn't strike twice but still POSSIBLE.
Think about it, It could be like a mix of "Life Size" and "The Lego Movie"

Oh well shall we hope for the best and prepare for the worst or what?

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