Friday, 13 March 2015

Albert Nobbs: A subtle LGBTQ Period drama

Sometimes films pass you by. Even ones that sound like the best things ever end up disappearing far away from you. It's kind of an odd emotion actually when this happens because when you finally catch up you watch it in both the usual way and with an odd filter on that keeps on saying "Why did this pass me by?". For "Albert Nobbs" the answer was simple I simply wasn't watching many LGBTQ+ films in fact I only knew a few existed back then, now however I know of a lot more.

"Albert Nobbs" is a harrowing and incredibly subtle tale of the titular Albert ( Glenn Close) a quiet man who works in a hotel in Ireland and tucks his money away in a hole in the floor. He seems very straightforward apart from the fact he's a woman. His quiet methodical life is then smashed when Hubert turns up (Janet McTeer). Hubert finds out about Albert's secret and Albert tries to make sure that he isn't revealed. However Hubert is in the same situation.
Hubert however has a perfect life, He is married to a lovely woman. He has a steady job and everything is fine and dandy. However these being the days of nasty diseases Hubert's wife dies of Typhoid. The hotel shuts and everything seems less and less happy.

However Albert falls for Helen (Mia Wasikowska) (who coincidentally is knocked up by Aaron Taylor Johnson's character Joe, he's skeevy as heck). Helen leads him on as Joe controls her, it's truly heartbreaking.
The ending is heartbreaking, yet strangely happy. The whole film keeps this oddly melancholic tone and that certainly isn't a bad thing. In fact theres something exepctionally lovely of a well themed well shot period LGBTQ+ film. This doesn't look cheap or feel rushed it feels well made and lovely. I truly enjoyed it. 

I wish younger me had taken a punt on this one. It was a better film than Chasing Amy thats for sure. It's a great little film and beautifully shot.

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