Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stop "Uncle" I want "Wilfred" Back

For those who avoid rubbish  British comedy "Uncle" is the story of a man who acts like a child who has to look after  a child who acts like a middle aged man. Yeah yeah yeah, bored all ready. The first episode however was vaguely interesting, not funny but interesting.
Where aour main character played by the sometimes funny but mostly grating Nick Helm is going to kill himself only to be saved by his sister calling him and asking him to look after his nephew. Then it got bad and it got me thinking haven't we seen this all before. Yes, Yes we have in the massively under-rated Wilfred.
The more "Uncle" I watched I realised how much I just wanted more Wilfred. So I'll try and briefly explain the plot for you. "Wilfred" is the american version of Australia's Wilfred, unlike the Aussies one however it's bleak like proper bleak. Ryan is a lawyer who procures some pills from his nurse sister so he can kill himself, however she worried for bother her job and her brother gave him sugar pills. He stays up all night revising his suicide note, blends the pills into a smoothie and..has a massive sugar rush and is woken from this by a knock on the door. It's his neighbour with a dog for him to sit for a while only he doesn't see a dog. He see's a man in a dog suit. The best way to explain it is for you to watch the season 1 trailer.

Something about "Uncle" just feels (mainly the first episode) like "Wilfred" lite. It feels like they took all the consequences and bleak stuff and replaced it with dick jokes and I hate that. Ryan was pushed through the ringer, his family were shown to be through it too. His sister is going to have a baby, his mum is in a home for the mentally ill and his Dad is a lawyer and a coward.

One really good episode is when Ryan takes him hum from the home for a road trip without the Doctor's permission. Of course she starts having an episode and he can't take it and is forced to realise that his mum isn't well not that his dad just forced her to go there. It's truly harrowing stuff but with a brutal honesty and quirk that makes it funny as well.

Wilfred finished last year and completely swept away the competition. Please do yourself a favour and marathon all 4 seasons before you even go near the rubbishy BBC filtered version. I mean they don't even have a talking dog.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Home: A familiar yet fabulous familial tale

I love a good animated film and I love a good sci fi film. I also love adventure films and unlikely duos, so imagine my happiness to find Dreamworks is making a film that covers all of that. Now I was initially hesitant because it doesn't always work plus Dreamworks has already made a film with invasions and aliens and stuff (one of my favourites Monsters Vs Aliens) so how could they possibly improve?
Home is the story of two very very unlikely friends. The first is "Oh" (played beautifully by Jim Parsons) a Boov whose race has just overturned earth however is excluded by every other Boov and is universally despised. The other is "Gratuity Tucci" better known as "Tip"a young girl who during the invasion (where all humans were re-disributed to Smek's human fun land) lost her mother. She is searching to find her and Oh is looking to escape from his persecutors.

After modifying Tips' mums car into The Slushilicious (a flying car powered by service station food and Boove tech) the two go on a adventure for 3. reasons. 1. stop Oh's email from getting to the evil Gorg 2. (a sub centre of 1) get to the eiffel tower and 3. find Tip's mum. Whilst it's pretty simple plot wise it never really gets dull. It's a really fun idea and works really well. Especially the eiffel tower scene which is on par with a similar scene in " A Monster in Paris" to which this film is really comparable to.

Tip was really incredible. The best animated badass little girl character since well Merida in "Brave". She holds her own really well and certainly isn't overshadowed in the plot and most importantly she gets upset, she has a cry. she doesn't adapt to her new situation naturally, its hard. Thats incredibly important. There is also the fact that its lovely to see some representation with a little girl of colour on the screen. (especially after the awful "Annie" reboot which whilst Wallis was good in it the rest was shoddy at best) Thank You Rhianna.
So to sum up this was a great kids film. It was fun, lovely and charming without being too cheesy. Dreamworls may be known for equal amounts of flops such as (every shrek spin off and sequel, that will smith fish thing, Peabody and Sherman) but it also has a ton of hits (Road to El Dorado, How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Megamind, Monster vs Aliens, Shrek, Rise of the Guardians) and now Home.

Friday, 27 March 2015


Scratch is the bastard child of Clerks and In Bruges and that is a very very good thing. This is an excellent short following the comedic tragedy of a late night petrol station, rovers and lottery tickets. This may be one of the best short dark comedies I have seen in a very long time.

As usual full film under the cut

Breaking News: Look at Deadpool lounging

So this is super exciting folks!!! Ryan Reynolds has just posted an image of him lying sexily on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire in his Deadpool suit!!!!!!


I'm just too excited to function
 More Deadpool news as it comes.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Last year was the 50th Anniversary now today is the 10th anniversary of the re-birth of doctor who. Which was marked significantly with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor in "Rose". My first ever episode of Doctor Who. That was life changing

Theres far too much to be said on this so all I will say is watch this adorable video of Peter Capaldi and a group of children singing Happy Birthday to our good doctor!

So Happy 10th New-Who many happy returns and basically

Friday, 20 March 2015

Short Film Friday: Code Academy

At the moment in England, London is having BFI Flare which is London's biggest and best LGBTQ+ Film Festival at the BFI Southbank. This year it is releasing 5 short films on to its website. This weeks sic-fi teen girls in love one is one of these five. So for a bit of a change there is no embed under the cut but there is a link to the BFI Site.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day: A celebration of the best Mums

So here in England our Mothers day is the 15th of March as opposed to Americas. So I thought today lets have a celebration and celebrate all mums with a few of my fave screen mums. Theses aren't all of them just 5 I could think of this morning.

The Wizarding Mum who Cares for Everyone
Who? Molly Weasley
Who Played her? Julie Walters
Where can I find Her? In the Harry Potter Franchise
Why is she a great mum? Well she adopts Harry, loves all her kids equally. Fights and kills Bellatrix to save 'em and knits hideous jumpers.

The Cool and Non Conforming Mum
Who? Dallas Royce
Who Played Her? Cheryl Hines
Where Can I Find Her? TV's Suburgatory (I covered this show HERE)
Why is she a great mum? She helps her child (Dalia) pursue her Dream career, Helps everyone. Is openly bisexual in a converstaive town and still head of the PTA and supports her bisexual daughter.

The Harsh but Fair Mum
Who? Francine Jones
Who Played Her? Adjoa Andoh
Where Can I Find Her? Doctor Who
Why is she a great mum? She took a lot of time to warm to time travel but was supportive of Martha's decision and helped her keep her feet firmly on the ground whilst standing up to the doctor when he threatened to put her family in danger.

The Excellent, Caring and Zany Mum
Who? Linda Belcher
Who Played Her? John Roberts
Where Can I Find Her? Bob's Burgers
Why is she a great mum? She's hilarious and looks after everyone. She's not opposed to speaking her mind and she is just the best.

The Mum We All Wanted
Who? Mortician Addams
Who Played Her? Angelica Houstan
Where Can I Find Her? The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values
Why is She A Great Mum? She just is.

So there we go, my fave tv and movie mums.

All of them are worthy of saying this

Saturday, 14 March 2015


So after a discussion with my dear friend Helly, I am introducing a new feature. Tales from the QUILTBAG. A resource staring off with reviews for LGBT+ films (maybe tv ant a later stage and sometimes my fave LGBT+ characters.

QUILTBAG is another acronym for LGBTQ+ so I thought it appropriate.

I have back tagged a load of LGBT reviews but guys more are coming. I will try to make them fortnightly but I can't promise anything.

Here are some ones already here to keep you entertained I think there may be more but I'm not sure:

Albert Nobbs

The Imitation Game

Heavenly Creatures

So more is coming very very soon I promise.
Hope to hear what you guys think

Friday, 13 March 2015

Albert Nobbs: A subtle LGBTQ Period drama

Sometimes films pass you by. Even ones that sound like the best things ever end up disappearing far away from you. It's kind of an odd emotion actually when this happens because when you finally catch up you watch it in both the usual way and with an odd filter on that keeps on saying "Why did this pass me by?". For "Albert Nobbs" the answer was simple I simply wasn't watching many LGBTQ+ films in fact I only knew a few existed back then, now however I know of a lot more.

"Albert Nobbs" is a harrowing and incredibly subtle tale of the titular Albert ( Glenn Close) a quiet man who works in a hotel in Ireland and tucks his money away in a hole in the floor. He seems very straightforward apart from the fact he's a woman. His quiet methodical life is then smashed when Hubert turns up (Janet McTeer). Hubert finds out about Albert's secret and Albert tries to make sure that he isn't revealed. However Hubert is in the same situation.
Hubert however has a perfect life, He is married to a lovely woman. He has a steady job and everything is fine and dandy. However these being the days of nasty diseases Hubert's wife dies of Typhoid. The hotel shuts and everything seems less and less happy.

However Albert falls for Helen (Mia Wasikowska) (who coincidentally is knocked up by Aaron Taylor Johnson's character Joe, he's skeevy as heck). Helen leads him on as Joe controls her, it's truly heartbreaking.
The ending is heartbreaking, yet strangely happy. The whole film keeps this oddly melancholic tone and that certainly isn't a bad thing. In fact theres something exepctionally lovely of a well themed well shot period LGBTQ+ film. This doesn't look cheap or feel rushed it feels well made and lovely. I truly enjoyed it. 

I wish younger me had taken a punt on this one. It was a better film than Chasing Amy thats for sure. It's a great little film and beautifully shot.

Short Film Friday: The Little Mermaid

And here at SFF we are back to Mermaids, after featuring Kristin Mc Menamy: The Little Mermaid? Here as the first ever Short Film Friday this is awesome return to creepy mermaids. Only whilst this one is trapped she is no where near as passive. In fact the fact that they both have mermaids is where the similarities end. This is a gothic horror. It's also visually impressive kinda in a AHS: Freak Show-esque way.

Full Short under the cut

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rec It Wednesday: Sing for me

So after watching Repo! The Genetic Opera far too many time this week (Chase the Morning just gets in your head ok, i had to scratch the itch) I decided quite quickly that this weeks was a musical theme. For those wondering, I have featured RHPS, here before and figured it will warrant an actual post rather than just another brief mention so It's not forgotten kids. I swear. Anyway on with the show. I just realised all of these are fun ones this week, so nothing to make you feel glum.

1. You fancy the cult classics
with evil plants

Little Shop of Horrors (1986, Frank Oz)
Without RHPS near by, this becomes the biggest classic on my list. This hilarious musical is one of the most ridiculous and excellent things out there. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

2. You fancy Disney's interpretation of
a very very well set musical (hahaha hair pun)

Hairspray (2007, Adam Shankman)
This zippy remake is alot zippier than the original. Nikki Blonsky is incredible in this and John Travolta's homage to Divine playing Tracy's mum is hilarious and brilliant. You'll be toe-tapping all the way through. Plus a good way to introduce children to the harsh realties of the time.

3. You fancy Matthew Broderick
singing whilst not ruining red cars

The Producers (2005, Susan Stroman)
Here at the dinosaurs we can be hushed into a stupor by two things Uma Thurman being fabulous and musicals. This combines the two. A story of two producers who try to make the biggest theatre flop in history they end up making a surprise hit. It becomes a ridiculous farce that is utterly hilarious. Also Blonde John Barrowman.

4. You fancy corny rock and more epic hair
plus Tom Cruise as rockstar

Rock of Ages (2012, Adam Shankman)
I only just realised it but Shankman is on this list twice! Oh well Rock of Ages is totally worth a watch. Also some LGBTQ representation that came out of nowhere. It's great love this movie 100000stars.

5. You fancy a laid-back classic 
with Meryl I can do everything Streep

Mamma Mia! (2008, Phyllidia Lloyd)
If it wasn't on here I'd be lying to myself.

Anyway so here we go five peppy musicals ENJOY.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Breaking News: Derek Zoolander and Hansel just walked Paris Fashion Week

If you were in the fashion world today, you were in for a big surprise especially if you are at the Valentino show. Because two of the most talented and incredible models of our time walked the catwalk, Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Derek Zoolander (Ben stiller).
The two models turned up to announce Zoolander 2's release date of February 2016!!!
They even met with Fashion's Ice Queen Anna Wintour.

This has just got to be the best news of the week!!!!

For fans of the original this is going to be an impossibly long wait but until then it's time to polish up the Blue steel!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2015


So here it is the final part of my International Women's day celebrations (I lie they will continue through the week) but anyway. This time real awesome women in film (not tv far too much research) not all are in their own films but anyway on with the show!!! Ok clarification wise these are Biopics not documentaries.

Frida (2002, Julie Taymor)
Who is it about? Frida Kahlo
Who plays her? Salma Hayek
Who was she?: She was a disabled queer artist who was a political activist.
Why watch? This film shows her very well and is a really good introduction to her. Hayek plays it perfectly.
Child Friendly: Not really, it's a 15

Miss Potter(2006, Chris Noonan)
Who is it about: Beatrix Potter
Who Plays her? Renee Zellweger
Who Was She? Prolific author of childrens books and fierce protector of green spaces.
Why Watch? Miss Potter shows just how awesome ol' Beatrix was. Refusing to marry into society having her books published and making sure they were available for all. 
Child Friendly: Yes this is for all ages.

Julie and Julia (2010, Nora Ephron)
Who is it about? Julia Child and Julie Powell
Who Played them? Meryl Streep and Amy Addams
Who were They: Child was a famous chef who was the only woman in her french cooking school, became the most watched tv chef of all time, revolutionsed american cooking and a pioneer of closed captioning.
Powell is a blogger who one day decided to cook through all the recipes in Child's most famous cook book and then compiled her story.
Why Watch: This heartwarming tale shows two extraordinary women in two different times do something great. It's a brilliant watch
 Child Friendly: Yeah I think so, maybe a few swears but nothing too ghoulish

Mulan (1998, Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook)
Who? Hua Mulan
Who Played her? Ming Na Wen
Who was she? A Legendary warrior woman from ancient China
Why Watch? Whilst this version is not completely true this version will delight every one in the family and get them interested in her story.
Child Friendly? Yes

Marie Antoinette (2006, Sophia Coppolla)
Who? Marie Antoinette
Who Played her? Kristen Dunst
Who was she? A child princess forced to marry and become queen of France, She takes over the court and becomes one of the mos notorious aristocrats of all time before the revolution when she was beheaded.
Why Watch? It's the beautiful and fascinating story of Marie Antoinette and its also very thought provoking.
Child Friendly: Yeah mainly

OTHERS (a list of films I have yet to watch but have heard are good)
Wild (2014)
Gulaab Gang
Big Eyes
Soul Surfer
The Queen

Here is a good list of other biopics about women more here (of which there are few)
Here is a link to the twitter tag #FilmHerStory to look at badass women that deserve biopics

So there we go thats my International Women's Day celebrations complete! Hope you enjoyed it, Comment down below!


So welcome back to International Women's Day on this blog. This time for 5 epic women from movies. Thought this would cheer you all up!.


1. The Young Assassins Apprentice
Mathilda Lando Played by Nathalie Portman
From Leon: The Professional

2. The Witch We all Wanted to Be
Hermione Granger as Played by Emma Watson
From the Harry Potter Franchise

3.The Pirate King
Emilia Swann as played by Keira Knightly
From the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise

4.The Cheerleader
Isis as played by Gabrielle Union
From Bring It On

5. The Passionate Performer
Lucille as played by Vanessa Paradis
From A Monster in Paris

So this is the penultimate serving in my International Women's Day posting Spree!!! Wait to see what is next.