Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rec it Wednesday: Families are incredibly complicated

So like all things sometimes it gets complicated. In my case my family is having a moment and instead of getting grumpy pointlessly I decided to use this weeks RECS as time to look at 5 movies about families that aren't necessarily doing too well.

1. You fancy a film about a tragic accident
and a family grieving and moving on

The Descendants (2011, Alexander Payne)
Photo Credit: Wendy Chuck
If you love Little Miss Sunshine this is the next logical film for you. A charming and utterly heart breaking story of a mum in coma and the family pulling together. Amara Miller is a stand out performance as 10 year old Scottie Miller, lashing out and wielding out as a way of coping to anyone in a 10 mile radius. Beautiful story the conclusion is lovely.

2. You fancy a classic remake
with double the amount of Lohan

The Parent Trap (1998, Nancy Meyers)
Photo Credit: Disney
This classic remake is one of the best Lohan movies period bar Mean Girls. Following a pair of reunited twins as they try and get their parents back together. It's a classic.

3. You fancy a french masterpiece
made by a prodigy

I Killed my Mother (2009, Xavier Dolan)
Photo Credit: Rezo
This beautiful autobiographical film tells the story of a young gay man and the tense relationship him and his mother. Heartbreaking and affecting, it just goes to show how much talent Dolan has.

4. You fancy a whimsical yet affecting tale
from the lovely Jodie Foster

The Beaver (2011, Jodie Foster)
Photo Credit: Icon
This film surprised me by being very very good. Jodie Foster's directorial debut is absolutely perfect and you should watch it right now.

5. You fancy the best pixar movie
with jack jack

The Incredibles (2004, Brad Bird)
Photo Credit: Pixar
Come on this film is perfection itself. It's funny, cute and a weirdly accurate show of a suburban family. well worth a watch especially with the sequel on the way.

So there we go. A truly cathartic post.

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