Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rec It Wednesday: After the cult

So for this weeks theme my lovely friend said I should cover cult films. However with a growing sense of dread at my heinous task and the list of cult films on wikipedia getting more and more nonsensical (clerks 2 is not a cult film, it's just crap. MOVE ON) I came up with a slightly different idea. Films that are like cult films, to be watched after the fact and you want something vaguely similar. The cult classic named here are all ones that were on the wikipedia cult film list, I figured whilst not always accurate they could easily be found on there and its by the people so yeah. Plus I couldn't be too bothered with looking for the most obscure piece of french new wave on a whim.

1. You fancy "Fight Club" vibes with less mental struggle
and more blatant hooliganism

Green Street (2005, Lexi Alexander)
This film has a severe Fight Club feel to it. It took me a while to pin it down but it pretty much boils down to this; Pretty boy with everything loses it all then ends up in a group of disaffected wierdos causing havoc yada yada yada he learns from it you met me at a very strange time in my life yada yada. Only the whole tyler/ Narrator thing is replaced with hooliganism and some of the most visceral brawls ever. It's a great film sorta. AVOID THE DIRECT TO DVD SEQUELS LIKE THE PLAGUE.

2. You fancy "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" but opera
and in the future

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008, Darren Lynn-Bousman)
Cross Repo Man and its later remake Repo Men (which is actually amazing) with Rocky Horror and you get this fantastic campy bloody mess of a musical/opera thing.  Often called the next Rocky Horror, this is hard to put a stamp on. It's  funny whether intentional or not, some of the songs are catchy (not up there with Rocky Horror but you know) and Paris Hilton camps it to the nth degree. It's a pretty great thing if you can stand Ticklesnoot levels of violence.

3. You fancy "Mean Girls" but revenge-y
and Brittany snow

John Tucker Must Die (2006, Betty Thomas)
Look at the dated magic of that screen-shot, isn't that enough to entice you? Already featured in my valentines post, this 2006 comedy riffs very much off Mean Girls and to an extent Bring It On. This is a film about taking down the popular guy that screwed everyone over. It's silly and ridiculous and tainted with strange nostalgia but it is hilarious.

4. You fancy "Drop Dead Fred" but kinda different
and Jim Carrey-er

The Mask(1994, Chuck Russell)
I've always felt without "Drop Dead Fred" The Mask would not be the film it was which would then lead to The Matrix not being the huge spectacle movie it was. Drop dead Fred is an unsung hero but The Mask is a spectacle movie of some proportions. Carrey's performance is perfection just don't go near the sequel.

5. You fancy "V for Vendetta" with 
well a shorter Natalie Portman

Leon, The Professional (1994, Luc Besson)
With a take down the nasty bloke in charge narrative, Leon whilst smaller in scope probably has a better villain. Natalie Portman plays a young orphaned girl who ends up working with a pitman. It's a fantastic film which needs multiple watches. 

So there we have it five films to watch post cult film watching.
what film do you think are similar to your favourite cult film, lets me know in the comments below.

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