Friday, 27 February 2015

Farewell Leonard Nimoy

For those of you unaware Leonard Nimoy died today at the age of 83. He was an incredible talent know to everyone as the famous Vulcan Mr Spock. Who for years has been entertaining us and being everyones honorary grandfather. His death is a massive loss to everyone. And if i'm honest I am at a loss at what to say. He was an incredible man and he shall be missed.

and for everyone else Live Long and Prosper

Short Film Friday: This is When We Met

Here in a quick three minute sweep is a look at the relationship of Robbie and Mary. As they meet, fall in love and fall out of it. It's a beautiful portrait of a romance and is just so exceptionally beautiful that I suggest you give it a watch right now.

As usual full film under the cut

Monday, 23 February 2015

OSCARS= 5 and 9 correct!! HELL YES

So for those of you wondering why it says 5 and 9 this simply means I guessed 5 as winners and the other 9 are my second choices. So I guessed a total of 14 right but the 9 were second choices. So you know all I take is the oscars like my sloppy seconds!!! Anyway lets have a little breakdown shall we!

under the cut because this is big as hell

Friday, 20 February 2015

Breaking News: Aquaman is One Fine Fish

If you thought this weekend was gonna begin with a boring slog of rubbish, oh boy were you mistaken for one reason... Zach Snyder has released a photo of the gorgeous Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

The game of Thrones star has recently taken up the mighty trident of DC's most forgotten and down trodden hero of all time. Whilst before most peoples reaction to old fish face himself was this
Photo Credit: Tumblr
 Now it seems like it's turning more into this
Photo Credit: Tumblr
So what do you guys think? Excited or do you wish DC had dropped this fishy figure even if he is looks sizzling hot?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Short Film Friday: A Very short Film

This film is like the music video sequence from toys if it had been frolicking with Wes Anderson and that Sophia Coppola perfume ad. It's stunning and like nothing you have ever seen before. Telling the story of a girl in a yellow coat going to magical strange world, it's more than worth two viewings.

As usual full short under the cut

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rec It Wednesday: After the cult

So for this weeks theme my lovely friend said I should cover cult films. However with a growing sense of dread at my heinous task and the list of cult films on wikipedia getting more and more nonsensical (clerks 2 is not a cult film, it's just crap. MOVE ON) I came up with a slightly different idea. Films that are like cult films, to be watched after the fact and you want something vaguely similar. The cult classic named here are all ones that were on the wikipedia cult film list, I figured whilst not always accurate they could easily be found on there and its by the people so yeah. Plus I couldn't be too bothered with looking for the most obscure piece of french new wave on a whim.

1. You fancy "Fight Club" vibes with less mental struggle
and more blatant hooliganism

Green Street (2005, Lexi Alexander)
This film has a severe Fight Club feel to it. It took me a while to pin it down but it pretty much boils down to this; Pretty boy with everything loses it all then ends up in a group of disaffected wierdos causing havoc yada yada yada he learns from it you met me at a very strange time in my life yada yada. Only the whole tyler/ Narrator thing is replaced with hooliganism and some of the most visceral brawls ever. It's a great film sorta. AVOID THE DIRECT TO DVD SEQUELS LIKE THE PLAGUE.

2. You fancy "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" but opera
and in the future

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008, Darren Lynn-Bousman)
Cross Repo Man and its later remake Repo Men (which is actually amazing) with Rocky Horror and you get this fantastic campy bloody mess of a musical/opera thing.  Often called the next Rocky Horror, this is hard to put a stamp on. It's  funny whether intentional or not, some of the songs are catchy (not up there with Rocky Horror but you know) and Paris Hilton camps it to the nth degree. It's a pretty great thing if you can stand Ticklesnoot levels of violence.

3. You fancy "Mean Girls" but revenge-y
and Brittany snow

John Tucker Must Die (2006, Betty Thomas)
Look at the dated magic of that screen-shot, isn't that enough to entice you? Already featured in my valentines post, this 2006 comedy riffs very much off Mean Girls and to an extent Bring It On. This is a film about taking down the popular guy that screwed everyone over. It's silly and ridiculous and tainted with strange nostalgia but it is hilarious.

4. You fancy "Drop Dead Fred" but kinda different
and Jim Carrey-er

The Mask(1994, Chuck Russell)
I've always felt without "Drop Dead Fred" The Mask would not be the film it was which would then lead to The Matrix not being the huge spectacle movie it was. Drop dead Fred is an unsung hero but The Mask is a spectacle movie of some proportions. Carrey's performance is perfection just don't go near the sequel.

5. You fancy "V for Vendetta" with 
well a shorter Natalie Portman

Leon, The Professional (1994, Luc Besson)
With a take down the nasty bloke in charge narrative, Leon whilst smaller in scope probably has a better villain. Natalie Portman plays a young orphaned girl who ends up working with a pitman. It's a fantastic film which needs multiple watches. 

So there we have it five films to watch post cult film watching.
what film do you think are similar to your favourite cult film, lets me know in the comments below.

Inherent Vice: A Time Capsule with some Real Gems

So to begin Inherent Vice has a few flaws, it does but that definitely doesn't ruin it. If you can get past its slight bloated feeling you are going to find something really quite special, A period drama that feels less like a period drama and more like a perfectly preserved artefact. Cut this open it bleeds late 60's, it screams of post-masonite terror and paranoia whilst also showing cultural divides. It's a glorious piece of art.
Firstly the trailers were wrong. This isn't The Big Lebowski at all. Bits of it feel vaguely similar but it isn't. There is comedy don't get me wrong but it's not a stoner comedy mixed with crime and weirdness like Lebowski, this is sadder, it feels melancholic. It's yearning for better times and thats what makes it so remarkable and watchable even at a incredibly bloated 2 and a half hours.
The plot is pretty convuluted beginning with our vague hero Doc Sportello played by an incredible Joaquin Pheonix. Doc's ex girlfriend Shasta (she's kinda dull) turns up and tells him her current Boyfriend, a millionaire developer is going to be committed to a mental hospital by his wife Sloane and Sloane's boyfriend. However as Doc investigates the story keeps ducking and diving away from him until he meets Jenna Malone's character a newly single mum whose husband "died" she has since cleaned up her act to raise her child. However said "dead" husband is not actually dead, he's now a snitch for every organisation this side of the beach. This guy (Owen wilson) now realises his mistake and wants to get back to his daughter and wife. Meanwhile we have Chick Planet employees Tabby and Jade, a mysterious collection of dentists who are secretly fixing up heroin addicts, a teenage heiress in all sorts of trouble, an angry policeman who likes chocolate dipped bananas and to top it all off a guy with a swastika tattoo who is killing people with his gold teeth.  If you can keep up with that congratulations, If you can't don't worry, you really don't need to to enjoy this.
There are some stand out performances that really need mentioning here and that is Joaquin Pheonix, Josh Brolin and Owen Wilson. Brolin as Officer Bigfoot was a real delight. A police officer that was never given a new partner after his partner died he is now in a permanent state of anger at Doc, that could come across as tiresome but his final scene involving a glass door, a tray of drugs and lots of wincing really makes you like him. Owen Wilson is the perfect foil to Pheonix as Jenna Malone's elusive husband who simply wants to get home. Wilson really plays quite the blinder here. It really shows when he isn't too busy making cruddy by the numbers comedy he really shines through. 
It is incredibly long and yes it can get a little lost through the mid section but the ending sequences is worth your ticket price alone. This is truly a masterpiece which is soon to be a cult hit. I can just feel it.

Saturday, 14 February 2015


So valentines is upon us. If you are with some iteration of a love interest CONGRATS if you aren't (like me) CONGRATS TOO. Ok so here are a standard selection of instances and a selection of films to enjoy old Val's day as vaguely cheeses as possible (I lie, tons and tons of cheese ahoy)

The "gals" come over and insist you watch one soppy, ridiculous Rom Com

27 Dresses
WHY: This hilarious and touching movie tends to improve every situation. It stars a perennial bridesmaid that when being interviewed by a reporter falls in love. It's cute adorable and well worth a girls night in
BEST SCENE: Benny and the Jets

The "Gals" don't leave. EVER. So inspired by your love of "Big" you choose something similar
13 GOING ON 30
WHY: It's like Big but for girls!
BEST SCENE: Thriller sequence oh and Mark Ruffalo

The Gals firmly placed and during the credits of the last film have now restocked on foodstuffs are here to stay. But you can't stand much more. Quick bring on a musical
WHY: It's fantastic and fun and has enough lovey dovey moments to count as a rom com. Plus some of it is so ridiculously unexpected it's just really really worth it.
BEST SCENE: Ooh I don't actually know. Most of the songs probably

The night isn't ending. Everyone os rearing for the next film quickly think of something
WHY: It's a hilarious revenge movie. That is completely worth a girls night in watch.
BEST SCENE: Top of the pyramid joke

Thats it you are the end of your tether. Quickly stink them out with the worst rom-com imaginable
WHY: It is seriously the worst. It's not funny, it's not romantic. Actually its kinda creepy. Poop jokes, dick jokes galore. Plus it has the added bonus of looking like a forgotten 90's classic when actually it's a 90's dud.
BEST SCENE: um its incredibly debatable but a guy slips on a toy train at one bit


Friday, 13 February 2015

Looking Good: Hot Pursuit, a buddy comedy like no other

So the trailer for Hot Pursuit just dropped. Starring Reese Witherspoon as a police officer and Sophia Vegara as a mob bosses wife who have to work together to evade being murdered by the mafia. EXCELLENT SOUNDING HUH! this sounds like its going to be one hell of a ride!

Hot Pursuit comes out May 7th and I am excited

Short Film Friday: Paint

Jon Rolph made this incredible short film using lego and art supplies. It's a beautiful idea with fantastic execution. Enjoy some gorgeous stop motion guys.

Full film under cut

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rec it Wednesday: Families are incredibly complicated

So like all things sometimes it gets complicated. In my case my family is having a moment and instead of getting grumpy pointlessly I decided to use this weeks RECS as time to look at 5 movies about families that aren't necessarily doing too well.

1. You fancy a film about a tragic accident
and a family grieving and moving on

The Descendants (2011, Alexander Payne)
Photo Credit: Wendy Chuck
If you love Little Miss Sunshine this is the next logical film for you. A charming and utterly heart breaking story of a mum in coma and the family pulling together. Amara Miller is a stand out performance as 10 year old Scottie Miller, lashing out and wielding out as a way of coping to anyone in a 10 mile radius. Beautiful story the conclusion is lovely.

2. You fancy a classic remake
with double the amount of Lohan

The Parent Trap (1998, Nancy Meyers)
Photo Credit: Disney
This classic remake is one of the best Lohan movies period bar Mean Girls. Following a pair of reunited twins as they try and get their parents back together. It's a classic.

3. You fancy a french masterpiece
made by a prodigy

I Killed my Mother (2009, Xavier Dolan)
Photo Credit: Rezo
This beautiful autobiographical film tells the story of a young gay man and the tense relationship him and his mother. Heartbreaking and affecting, it just goes to show how much talent Dolan has.

4. You fancy a whimsical yet affecting tale
from the lovely Jodie Foster

The Beaver (2011, Jodie Foster)
Photo Credit: Icon
This film surprised me by being very very good. Jodie Foster's directorial debut is absolutely perfect and you should watch it right now.

5. You fancy the best pixar movie
with jack jack

The Incredibles (2004, Brad Bird)
Photo Credit: Pixar
Come on this film is perfection itself. It's funny, cute and a weirdly accurate show of a suburban family. well worth a watch especially with the sequel on the way.

So there we go. A truly cathartic post.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

FANCAST- Actors who could possibly be the new Spidey

Photo Credit: Tumblr

With the news of Spiderman entering the MCU at its peak ARTICLE HERE, I have decided to compile a list of 5 actors who could play the new Spiderman if they decide to recast.
So get your cameras and prepare some awful dance moves, Let's get casting

Photo Credit: Ryan

Tyler Posey
Most Famous Role:
 Scott Mc Call in MTV's Teen Wolf
 In Teen Wolf he plays Scott Mc Call sad nerd/werewolf boy. He is incredible in it. Cute and charming. He'd make quite the Peter Parker.

Photo Credit: The Guardian
Tony Revolori
Most Famous Role:
After his incredible performance in Grand Budapest I whole heartedly believe it would be great if he did a big role like this. He has the potential to be great plus I'd love a younger Peter Parker.

Photo Credit: Nerd Reactor
Christian Antidormi
Most famous Role:
Tiberius Crassus in Spartacus
This Australian sweetheart would be a perfect Peter Parker. He can do gravitas, do evil, do funny. He has great range. PERFECT

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Mark Indelicato
Most Famous Role:
Justin in Ugly betty
After appearing in last years White Bird in a Blizzard going back to a fun character would suit him. He's known for playing fun and dorky and Peter Parker is the embodiment of that.

Photo credit: Rootation

Hailee Steinfeld
Most famous Role:
Mattie Ross in True Grit
I just love her, ok.

So there we go 6 possible Spidey's. What do you guys think?
 Come on Marvel!!!

BREAKING NEWS- Spidey is swinging over to the MCU

So it's been confirmed today that Sony is doing a deal with Marvel to bring Spiderman into the MCU. Isn't that swell!!!!
Photo Credit: Sony
So with Spidey finally getting the ok to come over into the now massive MCU, what does that mean for us as viewers.
Photo Credit: Tumblr

Will Tony, Steve and Peter Parker meet? Will Black Widow and him spend ages doing spider puns? We just don't know. All I can tell you is I am incredibly excited.

Casting wise, it's not yet confirmed if Andrew Garfield will be returning or if this means a new boy taking over the arachnid's role. I for one would like to suggest Tyler Posey or Tony Revolori to them as a possible new spider or if they are looking for women maybe Hailee Steinfield or Chloe Grace Moretz. It's your call Marvel!

This does mean some pushback on Captain Marvel and black Panther by the way as their dates have gone backwards. So be sure to check that out. But these things always have give and take.
Photo Credit: The adventures of Doctor Ninja

Most importantly will Spidey do a cameo in the Deadpool movie, Let's hope so.