Thursday, 8 January 2015

SCREEN SPLURGE: Rick and Morty

Apparently Dan Harmon's work and I really get on because after the power house that is Community he also made a sci fi animated series that I love too.
A show that is basically a bastardisation of Doc Brown and Marty Mc Fly (especially relevant given it being 2015 and all) may not always work however this show works perfectly. Marty and his Grandad Rick Sanchez go on adventures through the multiverse and other interesting escapades. It's as hilarious as it is disturbing especially the sixth episode plot twist ending ( seriously did not believe it happened). Think of it as grown up Gravity falls. It's not for your kids, it's all for you.
Best Episode: Meseeks and Destroy
For Fans of: Adventure Time, unexplainable science

And as the second season is just on the way. The first being only 11 episodes wrong anyway you can do what I did and watch it all in one day!

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