Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rec it Wednesday: Women Rule the World

So after the amazing Ghostbusters casting news this weeks Rec it Wednesday is cool as hell women. That means the following 1. they must be the central character, 2. whilst they don't have to be violent they have to be incredibly remarkable in some way, 3. They must be really awesome.
2 of these are perfectly kid friendly some of them aren't please use common sense.
So without further a do.

1. You fancy girl Indiana Jones
with Dinosaurs.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (2010, Luc Besson)
Photo Credit: Geek Tyrant

This one should be watched with the whole family. (I hope to post  a whole thing of this movie soon). Indiana Jones style movies minus Lara Croft of course have always been a manly affair this film subverts that perfectly. Adele is probably the best female Indy, I have ever seen. She's super cool, super slick and just as badass even when directing mummys or flying on the back of a dinosaur. CLASS (bare in mind this has sub-titles.

2.  You fancy a cool as hell nun musical
with McGonagle and Whoopi Goldberg

Sister Act (1992, Emile Ardolino)
Photo credit: moviesdvdnewreleases

Another kid friendly classic starring Whoopi Goldberg as the diva hidden in a convent. Cue some of the best singing ever, massive amounts of girl power and the best performance of Oh Holy Queen ever (link to youtube vid). Nothing days beaded like banding together and singing to the pope!

3. You fancy the coolest hit woman of all time
being fricking incredible.

Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003, Quentin Tarantino)
Photo Credit: Living in Cinema
Less Kid Friendly this time! A list of cool as hell women in movies would not be complete without a Tarantino creation would it? He's rarely ever dropped the ball when it comes to women and The Bride is no exception. Adam told me I had to include this movie on pain of death so there we go!

4. You fancy a cool as hell bible romp
with two stoners, two badass women and the thirteenth disciple

Dogma (1999, Kevin Smith)
Photo Credit: Den of Geek
Probably the best film Kevin Smith ever made this fun flick enters around Bethany as she finds out she's a distant relation of jesus and has to stop two fallen angels getting back to heaven. the best female characters Smith ever wrote are in this movie as well as his stoner stalwarts Jay and Silent Bob. I wrote an article about Jay and Silent Bob here. NOT FOR KIDS

5. You fancy a bio-pic of a prolific authoress
featuring Ewan McGregor's moustache

Miss Potter (2006, Chris Noonan)
Photo Credit: Throng
This one is kid friendly so yeah. Telling the story of Beatrix Potter's rise to success. This is the story of a woman who never ever gave up. She protects her home, her works and the land around her. It's a fantastic story one the whole family will enjoy.

SO there we have 5 awesome women watch pout because soon there will be a list of five female characters who are bad-ass but don't have their own movies coming up soon. Or just check the Good for Girls tag for more cool women!

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