Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rec it Wednesday: to find or discover

So randomly brainstorming this weeks Rec it Wednesday, I was going to go with a competition theme (Golden globes) but then I decided against it and was going to go for a gold theme. Only then i decided on cool stories involving finding things. No matter what you found whether its gold, found objects that become art or any thing else it fits here.

1. You fancy a kid friendly adventure
with some very clever touches

Nim's Island (2008, Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett)
A fun and whimsical story about Nim, a young girl who lives on an island with her dad. When her dad goes missing int he midst of a terrible storm Nim contacts her favourite adventurer Alex to save her. However she doesn't know that Alex is actually an agoraphobic called Alexandria. It's a great movie.

2.You fancy an 80's classic
classic, No!, Captain classic!

The Goonies (1985, Richard Donner)
Goonies never say die! and nether does the appeal for this movie. Working like Indiana Jones for kids. It's a fun romp with some of the best lines ever. It was almost as if it was written for adults then fiddled with just enough to allow kids to play the parts. Absolutely fantastic!

3. You fancy a fabulous French film
with plenty of quirk

Amelie (2001, Jean Pierre Jeunet)
In this gorgeous piece of quirk, Amelie is a lovable odd woman who prides herself on finding people happiness. This film is so absolutely beautiful that you will fall in love. Especially with the gnome but you'll see.

4. You fancy a disney movie
with Joseph Gordon Levitt

Treasure Planet (2002, Jon Musker & Ron Clements)
A sci-fi reimagining of the classic book, this fun animated romp makes space seem like the place to be. Cool characters, the best captain ever and a piece of comical goo make this a watchable piece of Disney history.

5.  You fancy the film that defined hipsters
and from the look of them still does

Ghost World (2001, Terry Zwigoff)
With a lot of the plot entering on found art, this film has pure understated cool. Every part is played to perfection and the whole thing is so stylised and lovely. Think the humour of Easy A but more acerbic. 

So there we have it five "finding" films. Enjoy 

Whats my theme for next week let me know!

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