Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rec it Wednesday: Destruction and Creation

So after deliberating over plans for this weeks Rec's I decided to ask an old friend. Chloe (said friend) came up with a clever little theme, which was our art project title we got given a couple of years ago when we were still at the same school. How she has such a good memory I will never know! Anyway so this weeks theme is Destruction and Creation. To me this seems effortlessly melancholic so these may not be the cheeriest film but they are definitely quite something.

1. You fancy the fall of potential heroes
all driven by the worst human emotions

Chronicle (2012, Josh Trank)
This film may as well be the embodiment of this theme. Recording the moments in life that make and consequently break a young trouble boy and his friends. They gain super powers only his dysfunctional family ends up being the death of him. His emotions become skewed, it is truly heartbreaking. This isn't a cute little superhero movie this is just one of the most heartbreaking looks at what power does to people.

2. You fancy a whimsical story
detailing a tragic event

Bunny and the Bull (2009, Paul King)
This may seem like an odd choice but the story of a man talking through the road trip that changed everything and not in a good way is really interesting. Visually intriguing yet with some flaws this film is a good watch. It certainly isn't perfect and if anything Bunny (Simon Farnanby) may be slightly too hammed up for you to really care but the others hold it up. 

3. You fancy a cyberpunk classic
with more leather than Marilyn Manson's wardrobe

The Matrix (1999, Lana & Andy Wachowski)
So this is kind of an obvious choice for this one. Like super obvious but you know, you can't be surprising all the time. This film literally showcases destruction and creation perfectly. Plus who doesn't want to see Neo nonchalantly push bullets away. It's a win win situation.

4. You fancy a Robin Williams movie
styled to look a Rene Magritte painting

Toys (1992, Barry Levinson)
This surrealist forgotten classic is a perfect movie. Showing Zevo toys as this magical wonderland that gets taken over and weaponised by an evil general. Robin William's character, his sister, a security guard and the leftover good toys battle to bring back happiness. IT's a gorgeous film, ridiculous silly and with some fantastic lines. A favourite maybe "like the great Barbie once said I have a dream house" even the tagline is beautiful "make believe not war" is excellent. Give this movie a go, it won't leave you in a hurry. 

5. You fancy another cult classic
this time with moody youths

Donnie Darko (2001, Richard Kelly)
This one also embodies the theme well. A young schizophrenic finding out the worlds going to end in one of the most captivating horrors in quite a while. You know a movies done good when you are freaking out by bunny suits. Thats all i'm going to say on that one.

So there we go 5 themed movies for my friend Chloe. What do you guys think? leave comment below!

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