Friday, 30 January 2015

Short Film Friday: Bottle Rocket

Two years before "Bottle Rocket" came out and launched Wes Anderson's career as an incredible director, Wes and the Wilsons (Luke and Owen) made this short film. A very interesting time capsule, shot in black and white now celebrating it's 21st year. This really shows how much Wes has moved on,now up for another ton of Oscars for his incredible film The Grand Budapest Hotel. This short really makes you realise just what a talent he is.

Full film under cut

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rec it Wednesday: Women Rule the World

So after the amazing Ghostbusters casting news this weeks Rec it Wednesday is cool as hell women. That means the following 1. they must be the central character, 2. whilst they don't have to be violent they have to be incredibly remarkable in some way, 3. They must be really awesome.
2 of these are perfectly kid friendly some of them aren't please use common sense.
So without further a do.

1. You fancy girl Indiana Jones
with Dinosaurs.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (2010, Luc Besson)
Photo Credit: Geek Tyrant

This one should be watched with the whole family. (I hope to post  a whole thing of this movie soon). Indiana Jones style movies minus Lara Croft of course have always been a manly affair this film subverts that perfectly. Adele is probably the best female Indy, I have ever seen. She's super cool, super slick and just as badass even when directing mummys or flying on the back of a dinosaur. CLASS (bare in mind this has sub-titles.

2.  You fancy a cool as hell nun musical
with McGonagle and Whoopi Goldberg

Sister Act (1992, Emile Ardolino)
Photo credit: moviesdvdnewreleases

Another kid friendly classic starring Whoopi Goldberg as the diva hidden in a convent. Cue some of the best singing ever, massive amounts of girl power and the best performance of Oh Holy Queen ever (link to youtube vid). Nothing days beaded like banding together and singing to the pope!

3. You fancy the coolest hit woman of all time
being fricking incredible.

Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003, Quentin Tarantino)
Photo Credit: Living in Cinema
Less Kid Friendly this time! A list of cool as hell women in movies would not be complete without a Tarantino creation would it? He's rarely ever dropped the ball when it comes to women and The Bride is no exception. Adam told me I had to include this movie on pain of death so there we go!

4. You fancy a cool as hell bible romp
with two stoners, two badass women and the thirteenth disciple

Dogma (1999, Kevin Smith)
Photo Credit: Den of Geek
Probably the best film Kevin Smith ever made this fun flick enters around Bethany as she finds out she's a distant relation of jesus and has to stop two fallen angels getting back to heaven. the best female characters Smith ever wrote are in this movie as well as his stoner stalwarts Jay and Silent Bob. I wrote an article about Jay and Silent Bob here. NOT FOR KIDS

5. You fancy a bio-pic of a prolific authoress
featuring Ewan McGregor's moustache

Miss Potter (2006, Chris Noonan)
Photo Credit: Throng
This one is kid friendly so yeah. Telling the story of Beatrix Potter's rise to success. This is the story of a woman who never ever gave up. She protects her home, her works and the land around her. It's a fantastic story one the whole family will enjoy.

SO there we have 5 awesome women watch pout because soon there will be a list of five female characters who are bad-ass but don't have their own movies coming up soon. Or just check the Good for Girls tag for more cool women!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen Buckle up and Don't cross the streams. It's time to find out WHO ARE OUR NEW ALL LADY GHOSTBUSTERS QUARTET.
Photo credit: Gallery Hip

So without further a do let's look at our 4 new lovely ladies!!!!!

1. Kristen Wiig
Photo credit: AnaKop

The lovely and incredibly funny Kristen has already proved she can do Supernatural comedy in 2009's Paul. So I have no doubt she's gonna blow us all away in Ghostbusters

2. Leslie Jones
Photo Credit: Hit Fix
Leslie of SNL and Top Five fame looks like a great choice. As i have only seen bits of SNL I am very interested to see what she brings to the table in this remake.

3.Kate McKinnon
Photo Credit: Inside Movies
Having just starred in the acclaimed film Life Partners, Kate too has become one of our four ghoul busting girls!!! This makes me even more excited. Lesbian Ghostbuster, anyone? YES YES YES

4. Melissa Mc Carthy
from Trailer of "Spy"
Who is surprised that McCarthy has been picked up for another Feig movie! Especially after starring in Bridesmaids, The Heat and the soon coming out Spy. McCarthy looks set to be a perfect Ghostbuster.

I don't wanna start guessing who's who cert but I'd love Kate to play a version of Venkman (the dickless line, come on it would work so well). I hope they don't turn down all the weirdness and typically Bill Murray comedy for the ladies in this because that would really lose the point of Ghostbusters.

Looking Good: The Fantastic Four

So up for another reboot after the campy Fantastic Four movies of the 2000's comes a serious grittier reboot. As a fan of the hilarious originals with the lovely Chris Evans and Jessica Alba in them, i'm not sure if I'm too into this reimagining but come and have a look and tell me what you think. All pictures taken from the official trailer.

So any thoughts? I'm still not fully convinced this needed doing but you know, it's happening.

Monday, 26 January 2015


So for all of you who didn't read the title. The amazingly talented intelligent feminist actress Emma Watson of Harry Potter and The Bling Ring fame is going to be a Disney Princess!!!!!
CREDIT Huffington Post
She has been officially cast as Belle in the Live Action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Confirmed by Emma herself over on her social media profiles this has got to be the best casting choice of 2015.
Photo Credit: Disney
It's also very exciting to know Disney is adding Beauty and the Beast to it's selection of cartoon to movie remakes following Tim Burton's 2010 "Alice in Wonderland", 2014's Maleficent and the highly anticipated Cinderella (looking good here
Perks of Being a Wallflower

Whilst I thought Emma had tried to shake off her bookish heroine part of Hermione with roles in Perks of being a Wallflower and The Bling ring. It's great to see her playing a part that we all know will fit her so well!

more news as we hear it as my reaction is basically this

Friday, 23 January 2015

Short Film Friday: Deathigner

We've had some stop motion and some 3D animation but now it's time for some gorgeous 2D animation courtesy of the adorable Deathigner. This cute animation follows a young grim reaper attending death school and becoming an adept dressmaker. Not only a study in pretty gothicness but a nice way to subvert gender roles. Amazing.

As usual full film is under the cut

Thursday, 22 January 2015


So as per my previous PREDICTIONS posts These will follow the same format. As I love most of these nominations, There will be runners up (if one of them wins not my main guess,  I get half a point) (yes I like coming up with totals, I'm a loser move on!) This is not a full list of all the nominees that can be found HERE
So without further a do.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rec It Wednesday: make me cry

So todays theme was brought to me by tumblr user technicolor-mind, who told me my theme should be "movies that make me cry". So here we go! This isn't going to be upsetting to the max! (btw do you like the ideas of people suggesting themes through tumblr, I do so i'll try and do this most weeks) These aren't the only films that make me cry, just a few I haven't featured here)

1. You fancy a heartbreaking quirk fest
brought to you by the king of quirk himself

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001, Wes Anderson)
Anyone who has visited this blog ever would be able to tell you I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. In fact his work has been featured here already a few times as my movie of the year and a post for those who had watched all his work and wanted some recs based off it. Of all his films however, this one makes me cry like a baby. The scene set to Needle in the Hay is just about the saddest thing to ever happen and for some odd reason I cry during every second of it. Absolutely heartbreaking.

2. You fancy the most upsetting kids movie of all time
with the short guy from the Hunger games

Bridge to Terabithia (2007, Gabor Csupo)
So this absolute tear jerker is dressed up as a cute kids fantasy movie. That is not what this movie is. This is that movie explores grief and how people cope with bereavement. 10/10 would cry at.

3. You fancy a sci-fi classic
with the most heartbreaking death of all

Blade Runner (1982, Ridley Scott)
Maybe this is the wrong thing to take out of a movie about a hitman that takes out psychotic robots but Roy batty's death is still one of the saddest most pointless deaths ever. FACT. It's pointless, he never achieves his objective he lost all the people he had been protecting, Deckard never fulfilled his job in taking them all out. Our hero is left watching the last moments of someone who had just come terms with everything. Truly heartbreaking.

4. You fancy sad clones
Very sad clones
Never Let Me Go (2010, Mark Romanek)
This just breaks my little heart. A movie about a group of clowns waiting to have their organs harvested. How their lives develop and change. Helmed by three incredible actors the film really hold together.

5. You fancy a gore fest 
with a heartbreaking twist

Repo Men (2010, Migeul Sepochnik)
Talking about Organ Harvesting! This movie follows a pair of organ harvesters. However when one is badly injured and is given a special organ eh can no longer do his tasks. The twist will break your soul.

So there we go 5 tear tests to enjoy, you masochistic freaks!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Short Film Friday: Do You Believe in the Devil?

Alex Grybauscas wrote, directed and edited this incredible slice of horror. About a man, dying in bathroom in a shady bar he meets the ghost of someone that never got the chance to grow up. The ghost wants the rest of the family dead so he's no longer on his own. It's proper horror fare and really beautifully shot.

Full film under the cut

Thursday, 15 January 2015


If you remember my previous prediction posts for both the Golden Globes and BAFTA's. (Both can be found in the PREDICTIONS tag btw) There are some really odd little nominations this year which I will comment on below.Full List HERE. As per usual, these are under a cut because they are huge.
For some of these there will be Runner ups ENJOY

Birdman: The unexpected virtue of brilliance

I will start off with something you have heard a thousand times but is only really true now, Birdman is a masterpiece. It will confuse you, sting you, make you angry and confused. But most importantly you'll laugh at the sheer strangeness of what looks like one continuous shot of a group of people trying to keep one man from falling whilst that man is just trying to fly again

Starring Keaton as a faded superhero actor trying to bring his favourite book to the stage, he is thwarted by himself and the environment he has put himself in. His daughter's fresh out of re-hab, his other actor is awful then hit with a light. His actress girlfriend may or may not be pregnant and theatre one is in all sorts of trouble and to top it all of his Agent (Zach Galifinakis, incredible btw) is all over the place. Everything just keeps on crumbling beneath him.
A particular thorn in his side is the hideous Mark Shiner (played by Ed Norton, who will probably deservedly win an oscar for this), a method actor who gets far too wedged up his own arse. He sexually assaults Naomi Watt's character, gets in fights and is generally despicable. However during the fight between him and Keaton, you suddenly see glimpses of him pretending to fight his boss in Fight Club, there is obscene vulnerability to him that makes him oddly charming.
In effect this film is hard to review because I honestly cannot be objective. It's perfect in every way, shows every facet of human frailty and still makes you laugh, makes you think and makes you just wanna pause it and regain your bearings. It never gives you the chance.

(NOTE, this also counts as Prompt 4 of movie challenge a film released in 2015)


Welcome back to another recommendation of fantastic series to sit at home and watch all at once. If you were looking for something less frenetic than Rick and Morty I'm afraid you are in the wrong place. Wilfred is almost just as strange just in the opposite direction.
Wilfred is the story of Ryan (Elijah Wood) who after a failed suicide attempt starts seeing his neighbours dog as a man in a dog suit. Things get weirder when he has to look after the dog permanently. These madcap adventures start leading Ryan spiralling into insanity unsure of what is real and what isn't.
This is a strangely terrifying idea which Elijah wood plays with greta relish. Ryan starts to become completely isolated from everyone and starts to scare his remaining family as they worried he will end up in a mental home like his mother. Don't be mistaken however this is still firmly comedy albeit a dark one.