Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Too Many Cooks: BEST SHORT of 2014

So as 2014 slowly rounds itself down I thought we could do maybe 3/4 categories of best items of media. A film, tv show, short film and perhaps comics, all of which will not have been on here before.

I thought let's start with SHORT FILM
I first learnt about this bizarre parody dark comedy sketch from PBS Ideas Channel's video explaining and analysing Too Many Cooks through a look at absurdism. (that video is available here)

It's a very difficult thing to explain. It's in essence a parody of early 80's-90's family sitcoms that takes a bizarre and twisted turn never even finishing it's opening song as more and more versions of characters turn up, get killed or in some way twist it more and more. Watching it for the first time is difficult as you are trying to battle with why it exists, what it even is and who even thought this horrible monster up. Yet, it's entertaining, hilarious and completely worth it.

So there we have it 2014's BEST SHORT FILM goes to "Too Many Cooks"

runner up: The Process by Which Opinion becomes Fact by Vi Hart (HERE)
As usual for short films 2014's winner Too Many Cooks is under the cut

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