Monday, 22 December 2014

THE WRONG MANS XMANS/WHITE MANS: Now this is is where it is at!

Finally after Christmas viewing started off badly with the dull Black Mirror offering (review here) now I know there is going to be decent TV. The Wrong Mans first series was hilarious, well paced and fantastic but pretty tied off it seemed that it would be impossible to have a decent second series. Oooh how wrong I was


Firstly this is a christmas two part special as opposed to a new series that starts off at Christmas. It's a two parter with the second part tomorrow so my review for that will be tomorrow. With the formalities over lets discuss it.

So Sam and Phil have been put into witness protection and moved to Texas to work for a trucker firm with a leery boss that specialises (as it turns out) in mild trafficking. Phil finds out his mum is is very ill and has to go home even though Sam has been screaming about going home since he got there.
Sam (now Terry) has been compiling a board of possible people who could have bombed them only no-one believes him. (also points for doing one of these without it feeling as forced as Jonathan Creek when they attempted it). Anyway in the meantime the MI5 spy who defected to Russia gets shot by a rogue Russian twin spy. As usual they don't scrimp on detail and mindless violence and that makes it execptionally fun. Anyway they try to be go home only end up in an american prison on suspicion of drug smuggling.
Anyway in prison they are told they have to find the key to a hoard of stolen goods. They have to befriend a group of racists then cut out someone's eye. 

As usual it is absolutely fantastic. The cliffhanger was fantastic tomorrow night is gonna be a huge treat. I can taste it!

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