Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Sometimes two parters don't work. The second half drags and you are left with a sad half creature and it makes everything incredibly annoying with 2 two-parters going on (this has just finished, cabin pressure just started) we are off to a great start


So after being broken out of prison and being confused with two expert bomb makes Sam and Phil end up working with a bunch of terrorists. They hide in vending machines have to steal secret chemicals and then they make a break for it using a mentor and coke bomb and escape onto the train to calais.
Then they commander a plane, skydive to England. Somehow end up in Bracknell and then we find out why the russian twin is there. Every possible plot hole is tied up as lovingly as the first season.

James Corden and Matt Baynton were incredible throughout. Bayton in particular when Sam gets reunited with Lizzy was lovely. As usual it didn't lose any of its wit and charm and I wish other shows could be as dependable as The Wrong Mans.

Also the russian twin uttered the title. HELL YES, I love it when that happens!

So in conclusion another fantastic show from these two and a fantastic finale. Who knows if there will be another series but if not I'm happy enough with the perfectly formed series we got. Thanks Guys

And i'll leave you with the best christmassy moment
"i wonder what time midnight mass is?..."it's usually quite late"

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