Sunday, 21 December 2014

SCREEN SPLURGE: Tomorrow's Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction

So I for one love a good documentary. I do it's probably one of my favourite things and this series really got me. Dominic Sandbrook and a host of the famous faces of science fiction (Rutger Hauer, William Shatner, Karen Gillain, seriously hundreds) look at four famous themes and ideas in science fiction, their creation, the use of the medium and how it changed society.
In it they explore 4 popular Sci Fi concepts: Space, Invasion, Robots and Time.

So 4 one hour episodes should be no hardship for most hardened tv watchers, however these are so worth watching that I am recommending them for holiday viewing. They are really entertaining, lots of information giving and the variety of sources and people they talk to make it watchable.

A particular delight is having Rutger Hauer do his speech from Blade Runner. I didn't cry or anything (i did quite a bit) they had C3P0's actor talk about what it was like being a machine to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure's writer talk about paradoxical time travel and then a physicist explaining the real science.

It is really worth a watch guys go catch it on Iplayer now.

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