Tuesday, 16 December 2014


So for this Holiday season and probably for sometime after that. Screen Splurge is going to be a vaguely reoccurring theme. A new series every now and then of one-two seasons (or maybe just a rec for the first season if it gets progressively worse like many do). That can be watched quickly and are incredibly enjoyable. These are forgotten shows being brought back for your viewing pleasure.

So this weeks and the first ever SCREEN SPLURGE is Almost Human.

To describe Almost Human is tricky. It's a detective show in the future, yes thats true. It riffs off Blade Runner, very true. But it has a unique feel. With JJ Abrams near it was never going to feel generic however this fantastic series suffered fromFox pulling a Firefly on it. (you know what i mean). By showing it out of order they killed the chances of it surviving to the point where even a great cast couldn't fix it.

So Kennex (Karl Urban) is a jaded amputee policeman whose girlfriend was behind the attack that killed his partner (police partner not Mr numbers Mr wrench type of partner) and lost him his leg. He gained a distrust of robotics and as soon as he can rejoins the force. After killing his first assigned robot he is given Dorian (Micheal Ealy, the cutest cutie ever) who promptly scans his balls. It's an incredible show that is certainly worth a watch over the holidays

NOTE: For those of you wondering why I am calling this SCREEN SPLURGE and not a binge-watch it is due to the latter being intensely problematic

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