Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Rec It Wednesday: Thats What I go to School for

So tonight I'm back at my old school for some thing that I have to attend which has inspired this week Recs. Not reunion films because they are mainly rubbish minus Romy and Michelle but still School films. No Breakfast Club because, I dunno that will turn up on here some point but not today.

1. You fancy a classic novel adaptation
with Percy Jackson and hermione Grainger

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012, Stephen Chbosky)
So i'll confess i prefer the movie to the novel. This is a fantastic film. It's well done the acting is great and you fall in love with the characters. It's excellent. I also love how they set the time period without making it really ridiculous and ugly. Certainly a one to watch.

2. You fancy classic time travel fun
and some excellent guitar playing

Back to the Future (1985, Robert Zemeckis)
Yep, this movies on the list. I love it everyone loves it and it  deserves to be in the school movie canon too. It features nasty bullies and evil principles and is really fun and enjoyable plus a prom scene what more could you need.

3.  You fancy evil Megan Fox
and good soundtracks

Jennifer's Body (2009, Diabolo Cody)
Now this is a clever little movie disguised as B Movie trash. Jennifer (Fox) and Needy go see there favourite band. As the band thinks Jennifer is a virgin they sacrifice her to satan for success only she isn't and she goes on an evil killing spree as a demon. It's excellent. Good soundtrack, great performances that elevate this from halloween trash to actual decent movie experience. For me it's up there with Horns.

4. You fancy a comedy classic
with excellent one liners

School of Rock (2003, Richard Linklater)
I'm not the biggest Linklater fan I thought Dazed and Confused was good but overrated and Tape was crap (i mean acting ok but it looks dreadful, i just don't like it). I have yet to see Boyhood but everyone tells me it's the best thing since sliced bread so you know. Anyway this is probably the highlight of his career for me. A classic helmed by Jack Black, it's a fake teacher who sets his class up as a band and yeah hijinks ensue. Now it could be awful but it's not its a masterpiece. It's funny and most importantly no awful child actors, they are all good. 

5. You fancy a weepy tear fest
with young Wilson from House and Robin Williams

Dead Poets Society (1989, Peter Weir)
Now this is a film and a half. Ronin Williams is incredible as a poetry teacher that disrupts the status quo and lets the boys live a little. Only it goes wrong, horribly wrong and I have cried so many times over this movie. It's so beautiful incredible and horrible for what happens. Oh captain my captain. 

Sp there we have it 5 school themed movies for your viewing pleasure whilst I go and get ready.

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