Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Rec It Wednesday: PARTY TIME

So as 2014 stutters out of existence and 2015 begins, it's time for a party themed Rec it Wednesday. Come it's too easy!

So without further a do my five favourite parties on film

1. You fancy beautiful parties
and the inevitable death of the american dream

The Great Gatsby (2013, Baz Luhrmann)
Easily one of the most beautiful an incredible films of 2013 Lurhmann's typically lavish look at Gatsby is perfect in every single way. I love every single minute and the parties are beautifully extravagant. 10/10 would be roaring drunk. Plus Toby Macguire is an adorable puppy eyed man.

2. You fancy the house party of a life time
hosted by cops undercover

21 Jump Street (2012, Chris Miller & Phil Lord)
Lord and Miller (this blogs favourite director duo, if you haven't been paying attention) caught my eye with this incredible comedy. The party is excellent, the humour doesn't stop and Channing Tatum proves he can act. Its win win all round.

3. You fancy a lavish celebration
bathed in extravagant history

Marie Antoinette (2006, Sophia Coppolla)
Refined indulgence is always worth watching and this gorgeous film takes the cake (heh). Definitely worth it for these sequences alone. However if you aren't a fan of cakes or fine brocades you might wanna miss it.

4.  You fancy some pre wedding antics
with some of the funniest ladies

Bridesmaids (2011, Paul Feig)
Count this as you wish, but I think it's a shoe in for this list. Funny, hilarious and scarily realistic, I love every single minute. Reinforces how much i'm looking forward to Feig's stab at the Ghostbuster's franchise.

5. You fancy a really fetch party
pink on wednesdays

Mean Girls (2004, Mark Waters)
So this is just a classic but yeah this party had to be on this list. So totally worth it in fact that it almost doesn't have to be described. Just put your most sexy costume on and try not to look too mousey!

So there we have it five epic parties on film!


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