Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rec it Wednesday: Alien's don't always invade

So with the news of Star Wars begin everywhere i thought how about a alien themed Wednesday. However I have made  a stipulation. The film has to have an alien character not always be an invasion and for one week only has to be fun as opposed to dark or gritty.
So on with the show.

1.  You fancy a road trip movie with alien friend
may not be cornetto trilogy but it is pretty neat

Paul (2011, Greg Mottola)
Two friends go and tour the mysterious area's of so called alien visitations in america only to be saddled with their own foulmouthed, drug taking alien, Paul. This is a great movie. Understated, hilarious with some great performances and some fantastic jokes. Like other Pegg-Frost productions it's nerdy as hell and fun as well.

2. You fancy a superhero movie with aliens and just epic fun
with Will Ferell and Tina fey

Megamind (2010, Tom McGrath
This has to be one of my favourite dream-works movies. What if the super villain from outer space won? well this would happen. It's a good film with a stellar cast and some of the funniest moments I  am proud to have seen.

3. You fancy a Stoner Comedy with who knows what going on
Dude, Where's my Car? (2000, Danny Leiner)
Sean Willian Scott and Ashton Kutcher embark on a stoner comedy ride of epic proportions when they wake up after a crazed night out with the car missing. Sounds awful well it kinda is but thats what makes it great. The tattoo scene is a particularly good moment with the kiss scene being another favourite.

4. You fancy badass lady aliens

The Fifth Element (1997, Luc Besson)
This stylish sci-fi from the mind that brought us "Leon" is incredible. Excellent costumes and great set pieces litter this film with quotable moments and hilarity. Korben (Willis) gets stuck helping Leeloo after she crashes into his taxi. It's fun and completely worth it.

5. You fancy some disney
in Hawaii

Lilo and Stitch (2002, Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders)
This is a classic movie. Lilo adopts an alien frankenstein creation instead of a dog by accident and hijinks ensue. It is so great. The songs are great, everything is just perfect plus Jumba and Pleakly are my favourite people. ENJOY

So there we are 5 alien masterpieces that will take you to the moon and back!

got a theme for next week drop it in the comments.

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