Wednesday, 24 December 2014

ON Angel Wings: The best Christmas special so far

An Micheal Morpurgo was never going to be bad. And it certainly wasn't this half an hour special following a young girl called Rachel visiting her grandfather only to be told the story of how when he was young and a shepherd he was taken to see the baby jesus by the Angel Gabriel.

For a half an hour special it was beautiful the story well written, well paced, the animation as gorgeously simple and it works better than most animated films do!

The young boy is incredible who chooses to fly with an angel, The angel itself looks absolutely gorgeous and shines beautifully. There conversations are really well written and it all is based on the idea that because Amos is left behind by his family. Gabriel takes him so he doesn't miss out.

It is a beautiful animation that I almost wish it was a film rather than half an hour. If you want a christmas special to show to your family, from children to adults.

Amos becomes the first visitor of jesus and Rachel learns that being behind isn't always bad.

Pure beauty.

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