Friday, 12 December 2014

Moon : Isolation, stillness and the saddest of truths.

Moon is beautiful. If there is one film that makes me gasp in awe of it's beauty it's Moon and possibly The fall. Both films have something in common. They are beautifully stunning and they make me cry like a very very very sad panda.  So let's take a look at one of the most upsetting space movies out there.

So first things first, THIS CAST. It's a beautifully understated cast with Sam Rockwell acting it out of the ballpark incredibly as Sam bell. Sam works on a lunar base harvesting energy from the dark side of the moon. He is alone apart from his trusty computer GERTY (Kevin Spacey), Together they live a vaguely normal life. They talk, he plays games. GERTY operates the systems and he does the manual labor so far so simple.

However things aren't hunky-dory in space. Even with the video messages from his wife and little girl, he feels isolated. Which causes him to crash on the moon and wake up GERTY looks after him only. He goes out to the crash site and finds...himself. Yeah... ok. This is where it goes into supersonic levels of weird and paranoid and incredible.
Here's the deal though. Sam Bell from the start, he had almost done three years. Three years is a clones life span. (Yep BLADE RUNNER) He's dying even though he's still alive and other Sam he doesn't take it lightly. At all, he's angry and spiteful and knows he's not real. He knows he isn't married or he doesn't have kids. It's all a version of the real Sam Bell's life.
The ending is where it gets heartbreaking. With 1st Sam dying, GERTY helping new Sam awakens another clue. Has to leave 1st Sam to die and escape to Earth to tell his story and stop anyone else from being hurt. It's heartbreaking and disgusting and the last half an hour had me in tears.

Honestly, I don't think anything has made me cry that much in a long time. As i said at the start, what a beautiful movie. It's gonna get you where it hurts and it won't let you go.

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