Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mockingjay part 1: If we Burn

So today I met up with some old friends to go and see Mockingjay part 1. I will be the first to say, I didn't believe in the Hunger Games movies. I felt the books are pretty...unadaptable and I thought for a long time they could have left off the other two books with better effect. However that view has changed substantially.

This film however was incredible. Jennifer Lawrence finally comes into her own playing Katniss with skill. She is incredibly believable and literally had me crying when she started singing the hanging tree. In fact Jennifer Lawrence steals this film and makes it her own. Katniss is finally a believable character, I never saw Catching Fire but I saw the first one and wasn't too sure about it. But now I believe Jennifer Lawrence is incredible.
Talking of exceptional performances Donald Sutherland is one creepy man. As President Snow he is completely hideous. Whilst he is not my favourite villain of all time, Snow is creeping up that list slowly but surely. With his roses and interesting imagery they twist beautiful ideals into dystopian nightmares Charlie Brooker would be proud of.
The scenes in district 8 were beautifully harrowing and it's lovely to see the younger Hemsworth in his element, action must be in his DNA. Seeing Katniss so emotionally troubled is as harrowing as watching a hospital get bombed and then her being filmed for propaganda. It feels twisted and horrible, strangely claustrophobic and really incredible. Bare in mind I went with a huge hunger games nerd who'd seen it before but even so it was incredible.
It would be a lie to say that it went quickly though, it definitely dragged at some parts and even Effie and aButtercup the cat couldn't receive the sense that it was taking it's sweet time. That was only very brief but still it didn't flow was well as the Hobbit did. 

Anyway Peeta coming back was a shock. actually even though I knew it was still heartbreaking seeing the tributes some back in the state they were in.

So overall It's a fantastic film, yet it has some flaws but definitely worth it.


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