Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Fargo: BEST TV SHOW of 2014

So the final of my round ups of best media items, is TV show. There have been some hardy contenders this year but only one fully grabbed my attention.

So my TV show is...
This was just too easy a choice for me. Fargo's 10 episode run was utterly perfect, not one bad episode, not one issue. In fact I would go so far to say it's probably the best show for quite a while.

The show works as a sequel to the Coen's incredible film but also works on its own. Following a group of gangsters, pitmen, police and the lovely Lester. It's funny, dark, enough gore. It really is completely faultless. Bring on season 2. Billy Bob Thornton played a blinder. this  show is just odd. Also we had a deaf hitman and his partner (uh huh wrenchers) and some really good jokes.

So there we have it 2014's BEST TV SHOW goes to FARGO
runner up: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (imdv)

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