Monday, 1 December 2014

Community: The Psychology of Letting Go, What a delight!

Hello guess what sad little loner has finally started watching community. Hells yeah it's this girl!
Well anyway, after finding out that John Oliver (he did a segment on his show about Salmon Cannons he is cool) was Professor Ian Duncan in the show I decided to seek out an episode with him in it because i was bored, life is short and he's funny and I was tired. This episode on more than that front actually it is now my new favourite community episode.  So here are a few numbered points to review it by.
So here we go:

1. Different reactions to death.
What? I hear you cry, throwing things at your humble computer screens, how is that good. Well it is because Troy freaks out after Pierce's Mum dies and Pierce it takes him time. Thats ok guys grief si hard. Take it how you can.

2. Oil Spill
not to quote Bob's Burgers at all but yeah. This scene is kinda hilarious. Having two girls fighting in oil is kinda gross yet Community makes it feel less like a creepy thing to watch and more like the all out comedy fest's that most fights actually are.

3.  Weird Cult lava lamp people
Ok, Pierce's cult maybe weird but I kinda love the discussion they had in Duncan's class. Sorry but it was fantastic not as fantastic however as...

yeah this is the seven that had me giggling to death. Duncan forcing Chang around the dining area with a forcefield restraining order. It was hilarious not over or underplayed just pure fun and an excellent show of physical comedy.

5. Jeff is kinda a good guy
Jeff not showing Pierce's his mother's unlava-lamped corpse is probably the nicest bit. He realises that Pierce's should be free to think what he thinks if that helps him. That is magical well done Jeff.

Sorta sixth point. Duncan is a great side character
Seriously I haven't laughed this long in a while. With everything from lying about the class to not knowing whats going on to a great line about sleeping on the sidewalk, John Oliver is great in it.

So there we go a brief look at my favourite episode of Community.

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