Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Cabin Pressure Zurich part 1: TEN MILLION POUNDS

So MJN flies through the air one last time in this lovely but not cloying comedy from certified genius John Finnimore.


So tomorrow is the finale but right now lets look at the penultimate episode in 4 easy to handle chunks

1. Oh Martin
as the beginnings of a farewell the opening was lovely. Giving away his van was heartbreaking and oh Martin not wanting to leave. it's all monumentally sad.

2. Take her to the vets
Fantastic line. as usual the quality of jokes were incredible. Cabin Pressure does better than most telly sitcoms in terms of laughs.

3. 10 Million!
Oh Arthur. bidding Ten Million really

4. What are you up to Douglas??
seriously whats on the plane! what has the nasty Gordon done?

So whats happening tomorrow night, I have no idea but I am pretty excited for it.

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