Sunday, 14 December 2014


After last weeks fast paced episode I expected resolution and maybe a slower pace. They didn't do that.

So here is my five point review.
1. Pasiphae raises dead people. Once agin Pasiphae just does stuff. Seriously she just messes up everything, someone take this evil woman out.

2.Pythagoras and Hercules are the beating hearts of this show. There little conversations are the bests segments and make the characters seem more real. Mark Addy and Robert Emms deserve awards.

3. Medea and Jason team up. Yeah the evil banshee girl and the hero. Thats gonna work.

4. Euricidae is bitten by the zombies and has to be killed. It's this weeks then weepy moment. Well written and beautiful. It's also the point which Ariadne realises she loves jason. Nice touches made this scene,

5. Wait Ariadne just got stabbed by Medea.
so Medea was a lying cow who stabbed Ariadne. so next week, does Ariadne survive? probably. Will it be as good as the rest of this series definitely.

Can't wait for next week as this weeks zombie theme was intense.

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