Saturday, 20 December 2014

ATLANTIS: I'm so emotionally compromised right now

So now onto the mid-season finale of season 2 of Atlantis. The fantastic new lease of life adventure drama. Yes, it had a rocky first season but it fixed that super fast and created an incredible second season, this episode is no different.

So here is my five point review:
1. Ariandne and general healing stuff. So Pythagoras (the cutest patootie to ever live) and The Oracle team up to cure Ariadne. She stops bleeding, Jason fall asleep next to her and then he wakes up and she's dying again. The knife is cursed...uh oh.

2.Euricidae's husband tells Hercules about true love. Hercules continues to be Jason's angst dad along with caring Pythagoras and the two have adorable conversations as per usual. Hercules face is screwed up and jowly.

3. They Grey sisters are terrifying see above picture. They tell are adventurers what they need to know but oh god is it not good. seriously they need Medea's blood. Ah!

5. Jason finds Medea but gets imprisoned. Perspire almost tells Jason she's his mum. He gets freed by his silly angsty father figures and Ariadne proposes to hum

AAAAAHHHHHH! thats it part 1 is over, join me back in january for part 2.
or wait till later for a look at the trailer for part 2

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