Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Aesthetic Goodness: Kendall Jenner: Girl On Film

I know short films are a standard friday thing but not today. I fell in love with this fashion film by Ben Toms and decided it deserved a place here looking at how pretty it is rather than as a piece of short film judged by storyline and other things. Unlike this fashion film which had a plot and such. This is more about aesthetics hence it's place here. Now it's been justified let's look at Kendall Jenner: Girl on Film.  The above shot is probably my fave as it gives an incredible sense of character

This shot is very reminiscent of slime punk. To me anyway. 

We see Kendall as hundreds of different characters sprawling tons of ideas and concepts. For just under 2 minutes thats quite a feat especially to make something so visually appealing.

SHORT UNDER THE CUT for more short goodness wait till friday :)

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