Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Strange Magic: Shock Announcement from Lucas

So guys this week in unexpected movie news….

MUSICAL CGI FANTASY COMEDY starring Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming.

What the hell this is a fantastic mid week surprise.

Here's the first look image (there is so little out of this film it can't even qualify for looking good yet like seriously there is this image and thats it)

From the limited information there is on this surprise project here are five exciting points.

1. It's inspired by "Midsummer Night's Dream", Hell Yeah Shakespeare!
2. It's a jukebox musical (not the first CG film to do that cough cough Book of Life but still i have a serious penchant for jukebox musicals so you know)
3. The animators made Rango which won an oscar so yeah.
4. The screenplay writers team contains as two of its three writers: the writer of "Elf" the christmas comedy classic (what's you favourite colour?) and the writer of brave (a female writer HELL FRICKING YES)
5.  Lucas came up with it and is executive producing.

Its release date is January 2015 and already this looks like a one to watch out for!

I personally cannot wait for what I am certain will be the CGI animated event of 2015 or at least joint animated event with Minions!

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