Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rec It Wednesday: Super heroics just got tougher

S guys last week fairytales this week SUPER-HEROES. Only not happy go lucky 1940's types these are the ones that spin or fracture the standard superhero formula. So buckle in guys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

1. You fancy a story of superheroes with no powers facing a rich crime family
with a little swearing girl vigalante.

Kick Ass (2010, Matthew Vaughn)
If you are familiar with this already I wouldn't blame you whilst the second one is a snooze, the first is incredible. Stand out performances, enough comic violence to make you giggle into your popcorn. Also with truly shocking elements. It deconstructs the superhero in a way not many have been able to achieve.

2. You fancy an animated movie that deconstructs with pure weird
made out of your favourite construction toy.

The Lego Movie (2014, Chris Miller & Phil Lord)
Everything is awesome! Yep, Lego movie's here. I mean it's sure to be a classic, it's funny and perfect and I love it to bits. But it deconstructs the whole chosen one/ superhero thing well, so here it on the list. It's light in tone and high in laughs. It should be typical Lord and Miller stuff anyway but each film they make continues to blow me away keep going guys! 

3. You fancy a gritty look at super heroics with a major body count
yep this is one of my faves on the list.

Watchmen (2009, Zack Snyder)
Yep, this movie. It divided people, definitely but I loved it. Yes some of the sex scenes are irritating but thats all forgotten when you get to Jackie Earle Haley's incredible performance as Rorshach (as pictured). HE takes over the screen and it is beautiful. Super heroes aren't just gritty  in this they are literally disgusting horrible and needed to keep a messed up society in shape.

4. You fancy the weirdest yet most normal take on real life superheroes
with Dwight and Ellen Page oh and one of my favourite Elves.

Super (2010, James Gunn)
After Rainn wilson's wife leaves him he decides to become a superhero and destroy the drug lords that she is entangled with. Oh and Ellen Page is in the movie. She is excellent as usual!!
This is an odd movie one I'm not sure how I feel about half the time. It's nasty but so childish. It's well
 worth a watch. This is sure to be a cult classic one day. Also if anything just watch the 2d animated title sequence.

5. You fancy a steampunk dystopia magical thing
just trust me + Eva Green, does that seal the deal?

Franklyn (2009, Gerald McMorrow)
Ok, so this is one of fave films. Not gonna lie to you, it gets me every time. The story of Preest the only non-believer in Meanwhile City a place where religion is enforced.However in the real world Eva green is a suicidal art student, Milo has just been jilted and one man has lost hope of ever seeing his ex-services son again. It's heartbreakingly beautiful fare with visuals that will make you weep. WATCH THIS NOW.

So here we have it five different takes on the superhero ideal. What do you guys think? leave a comment or just watch these you know. I'll be back next week for more Rec It Wednesday shenanigans  by the way feel free to request a theme for these. Like it's cool if you don't want to but give me clues guys!

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