Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rec it Wednesday: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

So reality is an odd thing. Most stories that seem outlandish often turn out to be true and those that seem realistic are complete and utter tosh. So without further ado five fantastic movies based on a true story (none of that fake horror crap though)

1. You fancy a classic story of an incredible fraud
with the one and only Leonardo heart throb Di Caprio

Catch Me if You Can (2002, Steven Spielberg)

A Fantastic sometimes glamorous other times gritty biopic about master fraudster Frank Abignale Jr from family problems to success to working for the FBI. An incredible cast, an incredible story and an incredible amount of truth. Also Amy Adams.

2.You fancy an action film with trains in it
well this is one massive train so it counts

Unstoppable (2010, Tony Scott)

Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as two train drivers with a heck of a problem. How to stop a train when it's gone seriously wrong. I mean could take out towns wrong. Well you do what they do here. Based on a true story and with a fantastic cast what should be a rubbish action movie turns into a serious drama with serious gravitas. 

3. You fancy a biopic about a conman and the love of his life
with a particularly cute Ewan Mac Gregor

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009, John Requa & Glenn Ficarra)

This film chronicles the remarkable life of criminal Steven Jay Russell. He escapes prison, he fakes death for one man the titular Phillip Morris. A heartbreaking, funny and beautiful film. It will make you cry, make you laugh and ultimately make you smile. plus looks at Ewan's cute little grin.

4. You fancy teen crime and fame grabbing 
with Emma Watson glamming it up and others hamming it up

The Bling Ring (2013, Sofia Coppola)

This got unnecessary bad publicity for what is a solid movie. A group of fame grabbing, attention seeking teens rob Paris Hilton and go on a series of burglaries. It's fun not thought provoking but will entertain you enough. Good cast and even greater shoes. Also it occurred to me I haven't featured one Sofia Coppola movie on my blog.

5. You fancy a musical
yep this is based on real life events, see what you miss when you don't stay alert

Chicago (2002, Rob Marshall)
This may come as a surprise but Chicago is based off a true story. The story intact of myrdering jazz babies Belva Gaertner and Belulah Annen. Pretty cool right. Not only that but the songs are good and the visuals are sumptuous. Also for those not ebelving the whole truth thing here's a really good article about it.

So there we have ti five fantastic true life tales of woe, wealth and a serious amount of weeping. Also crime. Lots of crime.

(just occurred to me, why not use rec it wednesdays as useful ways of having a themed film night, pick a week and enjoy yourselves my lovelies)

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